Youth will never finish

Another year of graduation season, the pain of the campus in the surrounding spread around the free, for young students, leaving the campus is a new starting point for college students, leaving the campus may be the end of the student era. The graduation season every year, but being young only once, if not crazy for this with pretty wholesale clothes, it is not the greatest regret in life?

01 School uniforms wearing a shirt inside, deliberately reveals the innocent doll collar to attract everyone to see what kind of rare things to see their shirt, which is perhaps the most naive effort of the bar. White lattice is simple and beautiful, can be accompanied by a lantern sleeve of the exaggerated style, immediately let the white shirt becomes no longer simple, and perhaps the youth also need this little bit different.

02 Once did not feel good young, even grown up, and still can slowly make up back. Wearing striped little sweater in the adult world can be chic enough. Do not have to care about the eyes of others, with sex in the chest to make a knot, bold with the personality of the clothes to their own name.

03 Do not look at the girls now know how to pursue fashion, think about it when you were not leaving the campus, we are walking in the naive route. T shirt on a small flower printing will lead everyone’s pointing, relying on this to win a little attention, but also to meet their own vanity at that time.

04 White shirt is the school uniform in the highest value of the inside, students know no matter how ordinary girls, as long as wearing the white shirt, the image of temperament are rub up to several levels, in particular, more than a bow, more in line with the white shirt of the intellectual temperament.

05 A white t-shirt, a pair of pants, a cap, on the young dress seems to always carry the most honest mark. Although your age is long, but facing memories always has the simplest feelings to chase fashion. And so old can only silently miss, it is better to re-take the road of youth now, chances are met a new self.


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