Youth forever with school style clothing

For many people, the shuttle in the campus of those years, did not have enough opportunity to enjoy the pretty wholesale Korean fashion. Perhaps because of aesthetic lag, perhaps because of the cash-strapped, perhaps only because of the wide uniforms of the rule, in any case, holding the textbooks in the road, after all, is not a deep regret.

01 But fortunately even if the time is leaving, but also out of a warmth of the hand, for the regret of the people to retain. Those years missed the white teenager destined to only remnants of memories, but the prime of the favorite straight shirt, can still be in the campus outside the interpretation of another wonderful.

02 Pure color shirt with A-shape skirt, is the most common dress matching on campus. It is the girls who are the most pure and most supple of the age, a pair of hands will be classic interpretation of numerous versions. The same a solid color of the small collar shirt, tall girls can choose skirt around the knee.

03 Skirt is also divided into a variety of types, large bowls of the umbrella skirt gives a warm and lively impression, pleated skirt will have more quiet convergence, it is the innocent dress skirt. High waist stretched the proportion of body, even wearing flat shoes, but also in the visual to create a long legs gold ratio.

04 There are some girls in the memory, you seem to always be in the library and met her, occasionally from the early morning, perhaps in the artificial lake to hear her read foreign language gentle voice. They are always having black straight hair, plaid skirt, walking gently.

05 Every autumn season, another weapon overnight occupies the campus. Horns buckle coat does not pick the body and does not pick temperament, soft girls and sharp women can control the style, so popular in the campus, as if in the cold season, the wind blowing in the beautiful night.



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