Your beauty is in the eyes of others

When living in the shadow as the children of other people, what to do is not up to excellent standards. This feeling even after the growth continues, the other girl is more beautiful, the skin white, good temperament, big legs, or petite and exquisite, no one except for their own shelves, in fact, do not have to envy your beauty in the eyes of others in.

01 Yes, there are always a girl looks nice, but her understanding of color may not have you profound. Summer candy color is her style, but you can wear out the blue autumn clever playful, lace hollow beauty may even love to see your flowery smile, make a happy blue control it.

02 Do not have to envy other people’s elegant self-confidence, because your young people have envy a lot of people. At any time, butterflies can find your reason to stay in, fan the soft warmth of the time, fall on the placket wholesale dresses, the white time are touched tears.

03 Do not have to envy others looking refined exquisite temper, maybe she has not returned to natural simple once. And you, just grasped the essence of clear water out of hibiscus. Inconvenient signs were slowly enlarged, until the skirt neat, lively crowd, the first freeze in the photographer’s shutter.

04 They earn high, but you can enjoy more self-time. Leisure in the afternoon and the weekend itself is a beautiful story can no longer be good. Little elk on a sweater should also like this relaxed and happy life, staring at the big eyes waiting for you to take it to see the scenery.

05 Wear unobtrusive elegant atmosphere, then keep your original simple and generous. A white pants can make azure shirt fit and generous, make mistakes in the first look to meet their own rules, in line with the rules and keep their own little thought.


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