You should need such a shopping list

Look at the cold morning and evening more and more obvious, feel the sunset time getting earlier, yes, the fall really came, and the closet should also be the season. I understand that the girls in the closet always need to buy some new wholesale women clothes to feel considered perfect, so offer a shopping list of autumn, I hope you can use it.

01 Sleeve sweaters in the autumn and winter can play a variety of roles. Since the moment is early autumn, the temperature comfortable and pleasant, naturally it can be when the protagonist slightly the premise of the choice is also very simple, if you are a very fat body of the girl, and then choose the loose section of the jacket sweater.

02 If you are slim body of the girl, wearing a self-cultivation of the pullover is the most appropriate, but the original knitted pullover is prone to obvious fat risk, but because the body bone is small enough, so the appropriate increase in the number of components but can make people feel more healthy and engaging.

03 The transition season cannot always help the windbreaker, the classic models do not have to say that one can wear for many years are out of date, but the appropriate start now the more fashionable section is also good. Big lapel is a lot of hope to have the palm of the face of the girl’s choice, colorful choice, so that autumn can be as bright as the summer.

04 But now the most popular than suede fabric coat, and simple models cut with double-breasted design, so handsome once again be upgraded. The collar of the way to wear can also make the feel of the show more vivid.

05 In addition to windbreaker, cardigan is also a help you I through the cold and winter transition season is a good helper, if you have been into the workplace for many years children, then I strongly suggest that you start in the cardigan when we must pay attention to the choice of texture, to know, wearing a few times on the hair ball knitting cardigan, might as well do not buy it.


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