Wind from the autumn, nice clothes accompany with you

A few days before the cold wind down, but also holding a few days the weather will warm the idea, it now seems really want more, the temperature is not low, the wind is also happy to play, even if the sun at noon still can not stop the sober autumn wind. Such a weather, the girls must take care of themselves, a single piece can not meet the needs, then pick a good look at the wholesale clothes.

01 In fact, there is a fall in the fall of the place, that is, dry weather, drinking water is necessary. We all say “woman is the water to do”, we describe the lovely girl is also watery, not only because the weather is dry, often stay up all night to pay attention to pay air people, full of skin to show the most beautiful you.

02 In general, dress with the need for uniform style of clothing, will be a type of clothes with together, such as sweet wind, such as sweet female style, such as sports style, this can highlight your charm in this type, And harmony people look comfortable, with it is also simple, not easy to make mistakes.

03 Like this, the body wearing the main body of the PU material, there are fine lace stitching, lace numerous, occupy most of the area, the whole body black look handsome mysterious. In this case, in order not to upset the overall mysterious beauty, under the same material is not eye-catching simple black leggings like, take a long coat, the overall rate of temperament to dripping show.

04 Of course, in recent years gradually popular from the mix and match the style, but also seemingly free but not scruples free to wear, wear well, a temperament of the clothes may be the upper body to become a village show. Mix and match with reasonable to reflect your creativity and aesthetics, the form of course, a variety of eclectic.

05 Autumn in the workplace of the girl is able to reflect their own unique beauty, including the skirt is the most able to show a beautiful body, and of course there are more choices. Lingge arranged in the clothes, the wonderful geometric shape so that the whole looks elegant and generous, as well as shiny sequins, exquisite hook flowers with a small lace collar to make it a perfect inside.


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