Who says can only wear couple shirts in Valentine’s Day?

Life, the most important thing is the mood. If everything is in accordance with the established model, it will be too boring. Please seize the time consciously around nice clothes from China to show the love.

01 According to the designer’s ingenious idea, this section of the couple clothes called “the flowers.” Hearing the name of the moment, having inexplicable kind of poetic atmosphere created by the whole to confuse the feeling, suddenly falling into the flowers in general. Beyond time, beyond space, beyond temperature, beyond the distance, just because it is love.

02 And be together with the people you like, the eyes will be glowing. Like the stars scattered in the sky, full of truth is revealed. I have to admit that the good longing is a strong idea, in its drive, always particularly willing to believe that some such as idol drama will appear in the sentence, sweet but not greasy.

03 Traditional thinking, love is not a romantic value of the vital thing, and even having some of the meaning of wasted time. So most people will choose to adopt an involuntary way to determine a lifetime partner, and then live together. It is difficult to imagine the long years, how they make do with the spent.

04 Do not have a common topic, common hobbies, common interests, and even common habits in the process of getting together. Fortunately, the current social atmosphere is so enlightened, small couples only you love me willing to come together, high-profile show loving simply can not stop, even dressing must be exactly the same.

05 Couple is not just a sign, but it is a kind of ownership, an attribution about “the world only two of us are the same”. Of course, to some extent also have the meaning of the declaration of sovereignty. Especially women, more biased than men like to like this behavior, the reason is very simple, three words – a sense of security.


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