What kind of clothes do you think can be chic?

You are a simple fashion woman. Bright orange like a warm sun sprinkled on the body, bringing the warmest care; personalized patch embroidered full of fun, to add joy to life; smooth simple lines are always the same love you always. “Fresh orange orange + patch embroidery + simple lines” coincides with your fashion declaration in cheap Korean clothes online.

01 You are a literary and intellectual woman. Not parrot, will not follow the crowd, whether it is manners, or dress, have their own clear style. Intriguing wine is like a thick book, gently open, not only the international ABC letters text, there are smart Christmas snowflake illustrations, take time, savor. This section of the cardigan jacket in the connotation of your body, everything just right.

02 You are an elegant and capable woman. Large fur collar, a very luxurious sense, highlighting the mature woman’s exquisite dress taste, and after the test of time and precipitation, and ultimately stay classic version of the type, is rich in life experience the best choice for elegant women.

03 Without the windbreaker, the autumn is not complete. Whether it is fat lady or slim lady, wardrobe need a thin simple windbreaker. Do not need too much personality decoration, to win in the self-cultivation effect is enough, even with a variety of match, do not let people feel unexpected.

04 Seen the charm of hollow, seen the cruel of the noble, and finally lost to the lace of love. People can not resist the lace embroidery, from the bones of the interpretation of the extreme, appropriate nudity, is also the nature of the girl’s heart.

05 Classic sweater both by the fashion wave of people’s favorite, but also popular people wear the first choice. Do not pick with the sweater, both to bring warm and comfortable, but also bring casual wear experience. Black and white hit color, visually more eye-catching, letter printing, it is non-tide can not choose.

06 Stripes are both classic and popular. Irregular stripes, more visual impact. Full of charming style shirt dress, the most interpretation of moving the ultimate. Minimalist black and white color has an irreplaceable task, you want to be thin, you have to wear so.


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