Warm and stylish pants

Beauty and wisdom is worthy of the practice of female life course, although both are not easy, it may be the first through the promotion of connotations and decent wholesale women clothes to show your unique charm by it, in the time to carefully polish yourself, slowly to live a good look and useful “classic masterpiece”. In the winter, in addition to concerned about the upper body to wear beautiful warmth, the lower body of the dress cannot be underestimated, warm is the first, of course, the more fashionable is better.

01 Corduroy fabric high density and soft texture skin care use it to do winter trousers and then fit. Pants on both sides of the beautiful knitting stitching and four-dimensional cut version of the combination of highlighting the legs of the slender and no sense of tension, fashion and personality atmosphere full, no matter how to match it is chic.

02 When it is cold, you could not wait to have the whole quilts for every step. But the women care about the body is thousands of years have not changed the fact that it came to the body of the down jacket, waist stitching to strengthen the three-dimensional was thin effect, and tight waist design is also more conducive to wear off.

03 Mini-speakers plus waist hip design will lower body curve outline particularly sexy and charming, but also enhance your taste and temperament clothing. Plus cashmere to ensure the warmth, stretch fabric can effectively build self-cultivation, the combination of the two for you to create a modern winter image.

04 Like the waist that embroidery-like pattern, the female elegance and feminine perfect show. Straight-style design makes the legs look particularly slender sexy, but also shows the intellectual and capable business temperament. It is working woman’s winter trousers first choice.

05 If you like to wear boots in the winter, then the elastic tights is a great match. It is completely close to the legs of the cut is to highlight the sexy legs of the weapon, looks slim, which has a mosaic of solid velvet, the real wear and look good.


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