Vest skirt makes you have good mood

What can you do in the summer? Fresh and cool wholesale women clothes to wear must be irresistible one. Cool and comfortable vest skirt is summer election, different styles have the same neat and small sexy.

01 Has a Bohemian style silk dress elegant temperament is needless to say, even more preferred is its real comfortable wear index. Whether it is as a daily wear to deal with work, shopping and other occasions, or as a travel dress, the dress is able to let you stand out from the crowd.

02 Summer is the season should wear sexy clothing, in addition to sexy split design there are many rich dew skin way, such as hollow strapless, the word collar strapless, V collar halter and hollow dew cut. Blue-tone-based printing fresh and elegant, exudes girls vitality and playful feeling.

03 Rainbow general gorgeous rich color stripes have a strong visual impact, contrast from the confidence, simple but three-dimensional profile increasingly slim. High waist three-dimensional skirts on the waist fat are modified effect, legs line was also set off symmetry slender.

04 Yellow and blue contrast color matches the use of color collision to enhance the level of one-piece skirt and sense of presence. Cut to meet the road to Jane minimalist do send, there is no optional decorative tailoring. Three-dimensional skirt profile full of sense, adding big momentum.

05 Stripes classic and black and white color and blue and white color is the most outstanding. A blue and white stripe is the best representative of the spirit of the sea soul, a symbol of vitality and energy. While the black and white stripes are mature and elegant factions, good at the performance of light and strong women’s strong and independent.


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