There is always a shoe you want

It is inevitable to be wayward sometimes when having bad temper, no matter how people evaluation, just want to buy fancy wholesale high heel shoes at that time. But fortunately the girls are wise, only in their own and their favorite things have the most willfulness, the weather is hot, the air is sticky, dressing should be cool, there is always a shoe will be suitable.

01 Candy color in summer even the shoes can not be perfunctory. This green is not crisp enough or fresh, but like a taste of vanilla, with a smart design. Fine high has the elegant temperament, and the best partner of the ankle is the dress, T-shaped design is comfortable without dead ends, which is the necessary sandals style for the summer.

02 In fact, as long as you be used to it, open-toe design is quite suitable for summer sandals. Leopard’s color is diluted, plus the toe design of the casual atmosphere, the share of wild chase has become unimportant. Flat shoes is prepared for girls who are not willing to wear high heels, after all, lots of choices make women be leisurely in the summer.

03 Because of wearing shoes, we often ignore the beauty of feet, summer is a bare season, you can enjoy the nail polish to attract the attention of others, a full year just this season is the most self-willed. Simple design does not prevent flat sandals become essential goods, being easy-matching is to be simple.

04 Petite girls naturally can not be without high heels, but because you also want to go farther and more comfortable, so always can not help but choose the thick sandals. Candy color is very refreshing, the most appropriate matching with it should be Bohemian dress.

05 Lace fabric shoes perhaps not really belongs to sandals, but it should also be suitable for summer. Open-toe of the sandals have just begun, being comfortable can make this temptation to continue, so with the rough design in the embellishment, it can be very safe looking, but it does not prevent the exquisite beauty of lace.


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