The habit of autumn

Like to see the lively festive with you, in the wedding season, the color of the festive no bad, to know that the whole year of the scene only the day of such a prosperous is worth a surprise. Playful cartoon cheap Korean clothes online, you can rotate the umbrella skirt, with a set of leisure free.

01 Autumn is a bumper season, you say it will not like a little mature dress it? Anyway, anyway, we look at Shun eyes first to say. Classic wine red, windbreaker section also can not cover the dress worship, do not accept the waist was thin, waist is even thinner.

02 Saw the green playful, how autumn is willing to stop, really want this color has been extended to the winter. Say black wild, you do not believe, see this green is the convergence of how the black dress, totally natural color collision can conquer the passers-by’s heart.

03 Like the different life, even if the sweater, but also like jacquard design more than pure color low-key, always thought that this season desolate, in fact, it is the most suitable for the season. Bohemian style of color staggered, tassels may be the season of flying.

04 See the elegant appearance of autumn? Waist wrapped around the buttocks, curves are beautiful, as well as elegant and elegant fishtail skirt. Autumn is not a lady, but it likes to see the girls graceful and elegant. Vertical stripes even more thin, we all understand the truth, do not ignore this point.

05 Like the bright and sounding you, like the quiet and elegant autumn, you like the elegant graceful fall, in fact, the most favorite autumn is still confident you In the absence of comfort when there is a dress to accompany the dress can also smile, my dear, are you ready?


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