The beauty belongs to the little beautiful autumn

Autumn is sunny enough, not cold and not hot quiet and tranquil, autumn and winter is not noisy low color home, color glimpse of different texture, a variety of atmosphere in the autumn and winter scenery, to see what the season will enter the new, learn those fashion wholesale dresses, comfortable and beautiful precision control, keep the beautiful autumn.

01 Texture nude color system has always been elegant and advanced temperament endorsement, warm light beige like a soft light, like milk, like warm and pure, small fruit collar simple and elegant, self-cultivation cut knit dress skirt embodies the city graceful style, fashion is changing, it is calm and impeccable.

02 If you feel the ordinary stripes are relatively flat, brilliant wave stripes to the minimalist wind skirt instantly pick out, tough in the soft, delicate atmosphere, modern modern geometric skirt, perfect pass the workplace and street beat the trend line, wide sleeve is so valiant type.

03 Fell on the knit dress autumn style, like a daffodil proudly bloom in the autumn. Black checkered in the earth color on the outline of indomitable appearance, simple taste of the magic of color, soft knit fit figure curve, elegant sets of slim inside and outside the real wear.

04 Knitted artistic expression, two-piece cross-strapless reflect the elegant sexy, rough knitted three-dimensional full lines, rich upper body contours, highlight the charming charm, two kinds of fabric mix and match fashion sense, the overall warm and comfortable and rich temperament.

05 To the autumn, along the season changes, the color brightness down, the purity of the rise, with their own character of the cool olive green, turmeric, possession of green color is the color of the product, the fall of the wild sweater, different colors of the attitude, no matter which color is difficult to choose.


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