That little bit is different

On the way to work in the morning, I saw someone else’s balcony with flowers in full bloom, perhaps rosemary. I suddenly felt a little different on this day. Yes, life has been repeated, just a little different is enough surprise. Autumn on the new clothes from China, you will not be the same as me looking for that little difference?

01 That little bit is not the same as the collar is small and exquisite, cute and cute wavelet point, is a warm cotton color new. It’s not just a little more than a little bit, but what is not our concern is that a little different? Half of the past half of the future, this is not the same meaning.

02 Inadvertently revealed to us a little confidence, some people concerned about someone forgotten, what is the relationship? The relationship between the V collar and the clavicle has always been good, embroidery and cotton never paradoxically; this is not the same as a very rare.

03 If you want fresh and dark colors, you have to work on the details, so that’s a little different. That is why most of the time we choose. Is the fine processing at the sleeve, perhaps the temptation of lace, perhaps a cute lantern sleeves, dressing like this very different.

04 The perfect combination of V collar and small collar is a classical lace collage. After all, or navy blue temperament is superior, with the formation of the classic collocation of black color, not in the fall is not perfect, not the same is not outstanding.

05 Three-dimensional textures made of stripes, is the irregularity of the placket tailoring. Because the bat shirt did not throw in the towel, so we have a lot of personality flying youth. Literary style children’s urban style is the color of the fresh outstanding, people love endless.


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