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Addition of clothing – the beauty of the level

Perhaps you will forget the elegant beauty, but Organza yarn fashion rules are not so easily forgotten, light color printing, and white highlights the importance of level, more beautiful skirts flying in early autumn.

01 Simple match, but also need a little bright spot. Well autumn, do not be so deep like. This red is not too warm, but enough for the autumn filled with bright colors. Random painting on the drawing board, collision with the solid color clever collocation, that is, through the wonderful combination.

02 With a skirt, you need a solid color shirt. Lace is the best, after all, late summer and early autumn people often silly can not tell. A little fringe of playful, a little delicate lace, anyway, is the best with a solid color. Pure black or white are the most suitable choice.

03 Cotton linen shirt, perhaps reluctant summer scenery, so sketch, want to retain the shades of color linger. The most wonderful is a little arc hem, with a skirt must be very appropriate, those literary and ladylike feelings are perfect performance.

04 Selected high-grade silk fabrics, smooth and soft, shiny, comfortable and more beautiful fashion at the same time; the waist of the 3D digital printing, the waist was thin and excellent effect, instantly has a charming waistline; Irregular double-layer skirt pendulum, modified leg lines, showing the graceful and elegant woman.

05 Classic two-piece cheap Korean clothes online, not only to cover the extra fat, slim was thin, and can adjust the body proportions, elongated lower body lines, outline the sexy figure of woman’s curves; knotted knot, light and elegant, highlighting the elegant woman taste; double skirt, walking in between, more aesthetic romance.

06 Not only refers to the level of a multi-level clothes, but also can be multi-piece clothing formed at multiple levels. This section of water-soluble lace jacket, a single point of view there is no sense of hierarchy, but with other wholesale women clothes to wear with, through the lace and lace inside the formation of the sense of hierarchy, so that the whole garment even more upscale, showing the wearer’s aesthetic height and dress taste.

Nice clothing in your heart

Woman’s wardrobe will always be less than a dress, because beauty is a woman’s nature. Fashion is changing, the trend is changing, we are always chasing the pace of the United States and walk in the more beautiful way, and strive to make tomorrow more beautiful than today. Please follow me to see the wholesale women clothes in your wardrobe.

01 Dress is very important, sunglasses are surely indispensable. This year, not only people know how to dress and dress, even animals all know that the jungle king – the tiger began to wear sunglasses cool, it seems, playing cool is not the exclusive mankind, in the near future, the animal kingdom will be popular.

02 Always thought you were a literary woman of intellectual sophistication, the original you also have love to play side. Lively and interesting cartoon birds, so cute and lovely image, could not help but want to go kneading twice, coupled with the leaves accompanied by leaves, autumn is concentrated in the shirt.

03 Noble and mysterious quiet purple, blue flowers slowly scattered, full of hope forest green, luxurious shiny golden shiny, they are poised on the elegant black inclusive Vientiane, showing a palace of vintage prints, carefully crafted luxury sense at a glance.

04 In the sweet love you are always surrounded by pink bubbles, your mind is his mind. Hearts and flowers of different sizes printed, colorful color interpretation, lovely sweet petty skirt type, the most suitable for you at this time.

05 Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the cowboy’s figure everywhere, its charm of the time grid where, it seems not appropriate, then freeze on your body, it’s charm of your interpretation. Cool autumn, a simple and easy to take to wear real jeans, wardrobe is absolutely essential goods.

06 There are classic wardrobe pants in jeans, then the most current wide-leg pants IN think about it. No longer drag the length of the less height restrictions, elegant vertical stripes show concise and capable side, even a serious workplace, you are fashionable modern girl.

You should need such a shopping list

Look at the cold morning and evening more and more obvious, feel the sunset time getting earlier, yes, the fall really came, and the closet should also be the season. I understand that the girls in the closet always need to buy some new wholesale women clothes to feel considered perfect, so offer a shopping list of autumn, I hope you can use it.

01 Sleeve sweaters in the autumn and winter can play a variety of roles. Since the moment is early autumn, the temperature comfortable and pleasant, naturally it can be when the protagonist slightly the premise of the choice is also very simple, if you are a very fat body of the girl, and then choose the loose section of the jacket sweater.

02 If you are slim body of the girl, wearing a self-cultivation of the pullover is the most appropriate, but the original knitted pullover is prone to obvious fat risk, but because the body bone is small enough, so the appropriate increase in the number of components but can make people feel more healthy and engaging.

03 The transition season cannot always help the windbreaker, the classic models do not have to say that one can wear for many years are out of date, but the appropriate start now the more fashionable section is also good. Big lapel is a lot of hope to have the palm of the face of the girl’s choice, colorful choice, so that autumn can be as bright as the summer.

04 But now the most popular than suede fabric coat, and simple models cut with double-breasted design, so handsome once again be upgraded. The collar of the way to wear can also make the feel of the show more vivid.

05 In addition to windbreaker, cardigan is also a help you I through the cold and winter transition season is a good helper, if you have been into the workplace for many years children, then I strongly suggest that you start in the cardigan when we must pay attention to the choice of texture, to know, wearing a few times on the hair ball knitting cardigan, might as well do not buy it.

There is a reason to fall in love with you

Some people say that in the vast sea of people, inadvertently a glimpse of the moment, I know you are the person that I am waiting for a long time, so I have no reason to fall in love with you. However, for clothing, this does not apply. Perhaps the pattern, perhaps the color, perhaps the version type, perhaps the details, there are always two places attracting me, will not hesitate to bring it back, because I always think that is the best fit, so, love you, there must be a reason to love the wholesale women clothes, too.

01 You are very good at dressing, it is clear that the black and white colors are classic, but not suitable for your sweet lady feeling, so you choose the pink to fill grid pattern, both fresh and fashionable , but also in line with your temperament, and sure enough, behind the heroine as the Korean drama, people want to care in the arms.

02 You do not belong to the first glamorous beauty, but you are absolutely very attractive to the connotation of the woman, if he is not careful enough, it may miss you. See, if there is no lines, indifferent without publicity, just like your own.

03 Plaid, for the rich experience of taste for you, has been unable to meet your needs, attractiveness is not large. After a special treatment of new fabrics, convex and concave have caused, strong texture, but also allows you to generate interest, just in line with your pursuit of high quality.

04 To see the surrounding leaves more and more, suddenly miss the summer that a strong green, flourishing leaves enjoy swaying in the branches. Hush, close your eyes, let the fresh mint green belt you quietly return to the pond beauty.

05 Most of the girls will not like the artificial attitude of life, we need a lot of courage to face all kinds of life. Why can not it be good for yourself? A simple and innovative coat, so that you know how the situation in the case of no confidence.

Not afraid you are not beautiful, but afraid that you do not buy it

Who prescribed fashion is like a chameleon to change, to hold a classic for their own only more important. If you can make the wholesale women clothes into your beautiful label, but also nothing bad, personality is in this process gradually curing, was remembered.

01 High-end sweater is this year’s fashion trends, in order to be the most shining in the crowd, absolutely no one to a high-necked sweater to support the gas field. Pure white goddess style, sexy, a thick lazy feeling is precisely the most exciting appearance.

02 Lace shirt sensuality and enchanting in any season are holding the dress, winter is no exception. A little charming temptation, intentionally or unintentionally touched the most sensitive nerves, perhaps let you take off the coat but also to be so pretty with a single product it must go.

03 Like sweater without special reason, purely because it is comfortable and free to wear it. Simple style, but there is no lack of fashion sense, do take inside, is the proper warmth. With the long pants, was thin and then legs long, so beautiful, who can be willing to refuse it?

04 Even in the winter, should not be wrapped in your own tightly for the standard, the body relax or wear on the pursuit of the eternal standards. With a decent suit, always the greatest degree of presentation of the beauty of each girl. Tailored exquisite, perhaps it is such a experience in nice clothes.

05 Hairy sweater is quite sweet, which is loved by all kinds of girls wearing a single product. Gray is calm and the chic trend can make it be in the winter to show off the color, the classic round neck hundred never tired, put it a little self-timer about, will make you relaxed and beautiful in the social circle.


Simple woman’s summer only needs necessary single product

There is a woman, living in a simple life, doing simple work, everything is simple, even the most concerned about the dress of wholesale women clothes, but also a simple main. In fact, simple is not necessarily a beauty, the key is whether it will use a simple category piercing the beautiful style.

01 In the fashion city bustling streets, colorful, feasting, the heart has been in a state of restlessness, eager to find a pure land, eager to return to the mind of the original, it seems out of reach. However, a simple clean white T-shirt can appease the restless heart, but with a random jeans, you can show simple and relaxed leisure.

02 No letters printed, no fun patterns, spotless pure, simple and beautiful. Small v-neck collar, revealing butterfly-like clavicle curve, a trace of micro sexy, being much more charming, with high waist black pencil pants, the T-shirt into the waist, there are magical effects.

03 Have to say that the stripe is really a weird element for the innovative girl. Vertical and horizontal stripes stitching, bottom of the European organza fabric splicing, Chinese-style round small collar, chest crushing folds, loose micro A-shape of the type, each place can give us a small surprise.

04 A touch of light green light drift, the air is full of fresh and tranquil taste, and the girl in romantic sweet temperament is the most consistent, with a white chiffon shirt, even more pure sense of fashion, weekend dating with boyfriend , will definitely make him happy.

05 Natural beauty of the perfect body is very few, through the dress to win the perfect body is a necessary method. High waist denim pencil pants, so that the legs curve is more charming, have the long legs is no longer a dream. Special washing process, a touch of denim blue, and this summer is cute.

Warm and stylish pants

Beauty and wisdom is worthy of the practice of female life course, although both are not easy, it may be the first through the promotion of connotations and decent wholesale women clothes to show your unique charm by it, in the time to carefully polish yourself, slowly to live a good look and useful “classic masterpiece”. In the winter, in addition to concerned about the upper body to wear beautiful warmth, the lower body of the dress cannot be underestimated, warm is the first, of course, the more fashionable is better.

01 Corduroy fabric high density and soft texture skin care use it to do winter trousers and then fit. Pants on both sides of the beautiful knitting stitching and four-dimensional cut version of the combination of highlighting the legs of the slender and no sense of tension, fashion and personality atmosphere full, no matter how to match it is chic.

02 When it is cold, you could not wait to have the whole quilts for every step. But the women care about the body is thousands of years have not changed the fact that it came to the body of the down jacket, waist stitching to strengthen the three-dimensional was thin effect, and tight waist design is also more conducive to wear off.

03 Mini-speakers plus waist hip design will lower body curve outline particularly sexy and charming, but also enhance your taste and temperament clothing. Plus cashmere to ensure the warmth, stretch fabric can effectively build self-cultivation, the combination of the two for you to create a modern winter image.

04 Like the waist that embroidery-like pattern, the female elegance and feminine perfect show. Straight-style design makes the legs look particularly slender sexy, but also shows the intellectual and capable business temperament. It is working woman’s winter trousers first choice.

05 If you like to wear boots in the winter, then the elastic tights is a great match. It is completely close to the legs of the cut is to highlight the sexy legs of the weapon, looks slim, which has a mosaic of solid velvet, the real wear and look good.

Let the sweater lights up in winter

Open the closet in the morning, suddenly found that inside the closet you have a lot of coat and down jacket, whether it is the basic color, or bright, or with the pattern is not missing, but why cannot find out a suitable sweater to match these nice wholesale women clothes. Intimate author here has carefully selected for you a variety of styles sweater, let’s take a look at it.

01 It’s the fashionable woman’s intellectual elegance, it’s the exquisite woman’s high quality, or professional strong woman’s calm and skillful feeling, which is not important, it is important to fully meet the three gray demand, in addition, there are simple slim version type to show graceful figure.

02 It’s the cold winter makes you like the warm camel, or bleak and lonely let you miss the charm of the retro style, or just like it by yourself. Fashionable v-collar exposed slightly raised clavicle curve, coupled with a necklace, both to be sexy and delicate.

03 Gray has intellectual elegance, camel color is warm and retro, do not want to miss them both, what a good tangled, you know the beauty of you will have this dilemma, so the two contrast color of the sweater has been ready for you, with a solid color coat or down jacket, out of the street you can be so pretty.

04 If the camel color is a touch of warm sunshine in the winter, then orange is a round of the sun. Artistic jacquard pattern is the mystery of personality geometry, or a piece of falling maple leaf, perhaps the inspiration for the pattern has long been forgotten, but the pattern of fashion and national style of the wind was forever remember.

05 Crazy bright color is warm to declare the good life to the world, low-key connotation of the warmth is to prove to their efforts to make life better. Different colors of yarn intertwined, weaving the love of life, weaving every day of pleasure, weaving all the wonderful stage.

Leisurely clothing has self-confidence without burden

The highest level of leisure is nothing more than empty the mind, the words are easier to say but how easy it is done, the experience of the people have the most say, in fact, casual leisurely and fashion has no essential conflict, as long as the election is still amazing with self-confidence in wholesale women clothes.

01 Don not dare to say that this is a wide leg pants in the big times, but at least by the taste of leisure pet, pants also have skirt line, making leisure and less dynamic to many neutral tough, the embodiment of soft nor lack of physical and mental safety and convenience , just different from the plain, wave point splicing two pieces responsible for eye-catching eye-catching.

02 Cotton leisure in the summer is always considerate and comfortable choice, but the fashion picky personality determines the models and colors are not allowed too general, do it yourself is creative like the outline of the gray, so that the gray light is not low-key introverted, leisure The attitude of the natural superior romantic bright.

03 Ladies also want to play casual style, this word between the lines of a little bit of helplessness, wandering in the random and wanton, in any case can not lose the elegant card, pink tone from the depths of the soul of the sweet, Arranged, it is different from the general quality of quality highlights.

04 Fashion lace where there is a sexy, that casual pants splicing lace is following, it is the dynamic and sexy fashion fusion, or dynamic health of the most eye-catching sexy connotation, the key or rose red born little woman tempting, It seems that the temptation is in any case can not escape the fashion.

05 Suits are the most insurance fashion without dead spots, white fashion black pants fashion is simple, but not easy to wear is also not allowed to lose this graceful streamline, it is because of this fashion concept, which makes A-shape swing wide leg shorts and wide shoulders short T-shirt slim shape particularly eye-catching, the color switch to the golden ratio model, comfortable not leakage body shape.

Vest skirt makes you have good mood

What can you do in the summer? Fresh and cool wholesale women clothes to wear must be irresistible one. Cool and comfortable vest skirt is summer election, different styles have the same neat and small sexy.

01 Has a Bohemian style silk dress elegant temperament is needless to say, even more preferred is its real comfortable wear index. Whether it is as a daily wear to deal with work, shopping and other occasions, or as a travel dress, the dress is able to let you stand out from the crowd.

02 Summer is the season should wear sexy clothing, in addition to sexy split design there are many rich dew skin way, such as hollow strapless, the word collar strapless, V collar halter and hollow dew cut. Blue-tone-based printing fresh and elegant, exudes girls vitality and playful feeling.

03 Rainbow general gorgeous rich color stripes have a strong visual impact, contrast from the confidence, simple but three-dimensional profile increasingly slim. High waist three-dimensional skirts on the waist fat are modified effect, legs line was also set off symmetry slender.

04 Yellow and blue contrast color matches the use of color collision to enhance the level of one-piece skirt and sense of presence. Cut to meet the road to Jane minimalist do send, there is no optional decorative tailoring. Three-dimensional skirt profile full of sense, adding big momentum.

05 Stripes classic and black and white color and blue and white color is the most outstanding. A blue and white stripe is the best representative of the spirit of the sea soul, a symbol of vitality and energy. While the black and white stripes are mature and elegant factions, good at the performance of light and strong women’s strong and independent.