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Delicate wholesale clothes from China

Spring denim also dyed a number of flowers, beautiful roses, vivid cross stitch, as well as the melodious organ fold more natural A-shaped version, small collar and butterfly tie, low key buckle, every detail For denim skirt to add more refined charm.

01 Frayed burr trumpet cuff three-dimensional chic, gentle and delicate to ladylike infiltration comfortable casual cowboy style, beaded neckline exquisite from the inside out, play jewelry finishing effect. Washed jeans unique gradient color washed monotonous, such as clouds floating in the heart, easy and wonderful.

02 The weather is changing, while the clouds are in a good mood to be glowing and hot enough to leave the sun for a while. But this did not affect the beauty of the girls mind, in addition to cotton and linen wardrobe there are lace wholesale Korean fashion, chiffon and organza yarn.

03 Do not hollow crochet, geometry can be separated by their own natural lines to create a strong sense of three-dimensional printing. Sleeveless dress passing by, will no longer be more than it exists sense of it? Small hat is a wonderful good partner, elegant lady to the holiday as the visual sense, very beautiful.

04 Print will be hidden look, the most indispensable in dress is such a secret to be explored and have always been known to almost domineering, has been to grab the lens as if nothing around the print, jacquard dress But there is almost can be described as shy feminine it.

05 Black dress from the waist with a bunch of X-shaped, tailoring and design is the most primitive prototype. No one is required to maintain the elegant black dresses dignified expensive attributes, small hem of the hem pinch out a little bit lively, cute can be.

Creative design clever dot

The clever use of the basic style of the blank, so that the limited elements to the infinite extension to play a greater effect, or make full use of the magic of color to form a fantastic visual impression. Some just right eye design can enhance the charm and dress grade. Want to point in plain life unusual scenery, let unique design exclusive quality to achieve this feeling.

01 Hollow and flowers of real and imaginary, forming a distinctive bright vision of the beautiful belt, between the upper and lower body form a semi-open space, waist hollow half cover, this semi-spicy and semi-sweet scale and sexy aesthetic half fusion degree is fantastic. When the flowers meet a little black wholesale Korean fashion, the unique charm will keep my heart.

02 Swaying tassels is a dynamic extension of the skirt, color collision, colorful patterns express rich ethnic customs, back a little black mystery mystery sexy and subtle romantic continuation, different personality aristocratic debut. In the simple injection of vitality color, every inch are vivid and stunning.

03 Is the evening sky clouds steaming fantasy wonderland, is the spirit of graffiti art infiltration, is the dynamic and diverse sports, petal kiss, is a carnival of color, is a passionate sway, a dazzling summer fashion proposition.

04 Minimalist H-type basic section skirts do not have to say more practical, delicate and thin knit fabric to wear different kind, especially for more and more cool summer and autumn as a good ride within the simple and elegant style look wild, Inclusive physique plasticity, selection of black and white gray piercing the exclusive big fan.

05 Pure white, immortal beauty by it, water lace, splendid silk splicing cascade, the princess mind is not yet, the former word collar, deep V lace style after wearing two, high waist contour, details show the unremitting pursuit of the pretty. A very taste of a dress, daily wear fine exquisite, as a dress no less, the holiday wear extremely romantic.

I heard that we have a holiday

Holidays will add a little more chance to life, do not have to work on time, do not step by step to arrange everything, you can arrange nothing, only quietly feel the time slowly passing around, leisurely afternoon feel a quiet time, safe in the world.

01 To be forever A type of talent, A symbol of courage and perseverance, only unwilling, not easily meet the people to reach the top, only perseverance, keep learning new things people can hold their own top. So, as it has shown, noble white, shining golden, give you a part to support, brave forward.

02 This is the handsome cool girl some appearance, do not love low-key love shine. Large sequins are exquisitely set on the black cotton cloth, set dazzling and comfortable in one. Without too much introduction touted, approached you can feel a gale, strong to be willing to be impressed.

03 Is simply black, how could some people fascinated, black charm lies in having unlimited inclusiveness, and make shine even more shine. At the same time, the interpretation of fashion, stitching is good. And look at the collision of cotton and embroidery, fashion trigger. Slightly Puff Sleeve design and large A-type hem, all for your consideration of body shape, was thin and not bloated.

04 Or wear a casual denim skirt, casual back shoulder bag, put on your favorite flat shoes, to go on a walk that can be very far and near, as long as the heart on the road, what is the distance Relationship, not to mention sometimes in close proximity, the heart has wholesale Korean fashion.

05 Or put on beloved sportswear, to exercise, sweat, and enjoy the sense of achievement and happiness brought by the competition. After all, too boring to work time, a long time inevitably lack of passion, this time to help you exercise, simple but also very effective.


Autumn coat, various in pattern

Classic and easy to watch the wholesale Korean fashion, telling true, and then nothing more than khaki trench coat is more suitable for this cool season, which is simply a symbol of autumn, although the annual popularity of the poor is not bad style, but never been overlooked, no matter how to wear it can be so chic with western style.

01 The denim jacket has been advancing with the times, think about it can be understood, in order to meet the woman’s growing beauty of the heart, every day with a careless will be subject to despise the pressure, no hard work where to go now.

02 Gentle skin-friendly knitted jacket: no one who will make life difficult with the knitted jacket, especially women, almost all into a few, not only with any inside to take, buckle up can also be taken as a separate, the key is very light, go out free bag on the line, completely without space.

03 Wild uninhibited leather jacket, a little maverick some of the women will generally have a soft spot for the leather, stiff and without losing the chic style, used to concave type of what is simply not so good, and, super obvious color, then listless style is not afraid of the state.

04 Suit jacket does not have to repeat it, almost all the same, quite satisfactory. However, even if the law-abiding, but also law-abiding new ideas, pink powder tender tender suits, and all the black and white gray is very different, worth having.

05 Life is the most important to be happy, dress the most important look. How simple the truth, all can be easy to understand. What exactly is it? At least not the same as before it, see people change the way to change their image, we have nothing to do.


Youth forever with school style clothing

For many people, the shuttle in the campus of those years, did not have enough opportunity to enjoy the pretty wholesale Korean fashion. Perhaps because of aesthetic lag, perhaps because of the cash-strapped, perhaps only because of the wide uniforms of the rule, in any case, holding the textbooks in the road, after all, is not a deep regret.

01 But fortunately even if the time is leaving, but also out of a warmth of the hand, for the regret of the people to retain. Those years missed the white teenager destined to only remnants of memories, but the prime of the favorite straight shirt, can still be in the campus outside the interpretation of another wonderful.

02 Pure color shirt with A-shape skirt, is the most common dress matching on campus. It is the girls who are the most pure and most supple of the age, a pair of hands will be classic interpretation of numerous versions. The same a solid color of the small collar shirt, tall girls can choose skirt around the knee.

03 Skirt is also divided into a variety of types, large bowls of the umbrella skirt gives a warm and lively impression, pleated skirt will have more quiet convergence, it is the innocent dress skirt. High waist stretched the proportion of body, even wearing flat shoes, but also in the visual to create a long legs gold ratio.

04 There are some girls in the memory, you seem to always be in the library and met her, occasionally from the early morning, perhaps in the artificial lake to hear her read foreign language gentle voice. They are always having black straight hair, plaid skirt, walking gently.

05 Every autumn season, another weapon overnight occupies the campus. Horns buckle coat does not pick the body and does not pick temperament, soft girls and sharp women can control the style, so popular in the campus, as if in the cold season, the wind blowing in the beautiful night.