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How to choose a dress suitable for formal occasions

I am always to find a suitable wholesale fashion dress for the formal occasions .Are you the same as me?Though leisure sport style very fashion ,But whatever joint wending or work must need a dress suitable for yourself .Especially in the current wedding season, a frequent feast occasion ,do you already prepare well what to dress ?Now let us teach you how to dress base on your body .

01 For the slim and flat figure ,the thin straps dress must suitable ,it can exposed your clavicle and shoulder ,very sexy ,you try best to select some twinkle fabric ,so when you wear ,it shows bright feeling ,takes you more charming .If the dress decorate with tassel ,that will be better .Let you seem more feminine .The slim figure people advise you can wear some sexy dress .

02 Regarding the slim ,this reminds me of another some people who have small chest ,this  group of people always no confidence .Please no worry, if you select the correct dress will let you get back your confidence .this time i can re-comment some thin straps dress which with lotus leaf decorate on the chest part .so that can hide chest ,it will not see small ,further more ,can take you more sweetly .

03 Quite the contrary ,How to wear if in plump figure ? Normal the chest fullness girls ,the arm aways will fat ,so in order to hide this shortcoming ,the deep V-Collar long sleeve dress very suitable for you ,it can hide your arm fat ,meanwhile can exposed your sexy chest .This methods call:shoot two hawks with one arrow .Do you think so ?

04 OK,the last one,some people who have bigger hip ,like a pear shape ,this call pear shape figure .this people very difficult to buy clothes .But for many wholesales clothes shop ,will have A-shape dress ,you can select those to buy ,the pure and deep color will more fit you ,some dress neck decorate some diamond ,you can select that ,also eliminates the overhead of jewelry.

05 So I am write such many figure as a example ,hope you can learn more ,find suitable for yourself dress to wear in any occasions .Every person was special in the world ,whatever you slim or fat ,just make yourself confidence ,that you will be a best you !

Elegant lovely dress

Wholesale fashion dress is part of the dream of most women, who does not want to be a beautiful and elegant lady shuttles in the upper echelon of society. But for most ordinary women, wearing a nice dress does not have much chance, but its attractiveness will not diminish, the life is normal, seize every opportunity to show your common beauty.

01 What should be a nice dress? It is fresh and elegant with some graceful feelings. Like this small dress, thin material coupled with dream-like magic color, which is ethereal and elegant.

02 Choosing a small dress should have the effort, letting the bride highlight its beautiful grace, as a bridesmaid you should choose some simple nice lace dress, just right to release our own smart feeling, willing to foil the bride but also have personality, smart woman is careful, you know it.

03 In fact, no one specifies the wedding must be white, I think the traditional red color is very good enough. Warm red makes a lot of girls do not dare to try, feeling it is too dazzling, which is not true, it can be a good color to set off the color, so that you can have snow-white skin in red color dress.

04 If you have a beautiful retro dream, you can not miss the silk dress, slightly reflective fabric effect, lingering light between the skirt, as well as around the shoulder of the delicate lace. Let you dream of medieval, expecting a prince and a princess in the fairy tale.

05 Women and flowers have been indissoluble bound, and flower fairy is a beautiful fairy tale, like a fairy-like flowers, skirts will naturally be infected with the traces of flowers, carefully designed for each of the beading flowers, having a common purpose, just to bring out your beauty.