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Your beauty is in the eyes of others

When living in the shadow as the children of other people, what to do is not up to excellent standards. This feeling even after the growth continues, the other girl is more beautiful, the skin white, good temperament, big legs, or petite and exquisite, no one except for their own shelves, in fact, do not have to envy your beauty in the eyes of others in.

01 Yes, there are always a girl looks nice, but her understanding of color may not have you profound. Summer candy color is her style, but you can wear out the blue autumn clever playful, lace hollow beauty may even love to see your flowery smile, make a happy blue control it.

02 Do not have to envy other people’s elegant self-confidence, because your young people have envy a lot of people. At any time, butterflies can find your reason to stay in, fan the soft warmth of the time, fall on the placket wholesale dresses, the white time are touched tears.

03 Do not have to envy others looking refined exquisite temper, maybe she has not returned to natural simple once. And you, just grasped the essence of clear water out of hibiscus. Inconvenient signs were slowly enlarged, until the skirt neat, lively crowd, the first freeze in the photographer’s shutter.

04 They earn high, but you can enjoy more self-time. Leisure in the afternoon and the weekend itself is a beautiful story can no longer be good. Little elk on a sweater should also like this relaxed and happy life, staring at the big eyes waiting for you to take it to see the scenery.

05 Wear unobtrusive elegant atmosphere, then keep your original simple and generous. A white pants can make azure shirt fit and generous, make mistakes in the first look to meet their own rules, in line with the rules and keep their own little thought.

How about wearing in a long holiday?

Is your holiday already arranged well? No matter how sure to go out, then the problem came, how to wear it? Every morning in front of the mirror must be tangled, to a longer holiday to a luxury, but do not delay the time to go out without nice wholesale dresses.

01 Holiday, the first time to think is to go out to play a trip, regardless of the distance away from the total length of the holiday does not bear the name. Do you want to prepare a set of sportswear? Grab the mirror is not enough grid, but when it comes to comfortable comfortable comfortable about nothing less than it, travel Well, mainly to relax themselves.

02 Do not want to stay away from fashion circles? No problem, sportswear is not a vegetarian, people also have their own fashion rules. Sequin stitching cartoon pattern enough cute eye-catching it, two-piece skirt design also do not have to match high heels, a pair of canvas shoes can follow the skirt to go the world.

03 Or else to pieces of denim windbreaker it. Fall to the denim come, but also find an excuse not to choose a denim it? Unique stitching design, with rounded curvature to neutralize the denim detached personality, keep free and easy to add playful, classic color can break the traditional visual effects.

04 Since you want to go out, or obscure yourself Hi their own, or on the first person to become someone else’s scenery. Bright colors must be the best look in autumn shadows, maybe there will be a peach blossom, the holiday in the windbreaker accompanied by the more innocent and more happy.

05 Make a suitable dress for your little boots. This long vacation you will meet a lot of vertical stripes, because they just know how to grasp the opportunity to make their own wonderful romance. Straight skirt is very thin, and black boots complement each other, net yarn splicing is a playful sexy.

The beauty belongs to the little beautiful autumn

Autumn is sunny enough, not cold and not hot quiet and tranquil, autumn and winter is not noisy low color home, color glimpse of different texture, a variety of atmosphere in the autumn and winter scenery, to see what the season will enter the new, learn those fashion wholesale dresses, comfortable and beautiful precision control, keep the beautiful autumn.

01 Texture nude color system has always been elegant and advanced temperament endorsement, warm light beige like a soft light, like milk, like warm and pure, small fruit collar simple and elegant, self-cultivation cut knit dress skirt embodies the city graceful style, fashion is changing, it is calm and impeccable.

02 If you feel the ordinary stripes are relatively flat, brilliant wave stripes to the minimalist wind skirt instantly pick out, tough in the soft, delicate atmosphere, modern modern geometric skirt, perfect pass the workplace and street beat the trend line, wide sleeve is so valiant type.

03 Fell on the knit dress autumn style, like a daffodil proudly bloom in the autumn. Black checkered in the earth color on the outline of indomitable appearance, simple taste of the magic of color, soft knit fit figure curve, elegant sets of slim inside and outside the real wear.

04 Knitted artistic expression, two-piece cross-strapless reflect the elegant sexy, rough knitted three-dimensional full lines, rich upper body contours, highlight the charming charm, two kinds of fabric mix and match fashion sense, the overall warm and comfortable and rich temperament.

05 To the autumn, along the season changes, the color brightness down, the purity of the rise, with their own character of the cool olive green, turmeric, possession of green color is the color of the product, the fall of the wild sweater, different colors of the attitude, no matter which color is difficult to choose.

How to be pretty in dressing

Autumn and winter season, wholesale dresses are really a test of people’s work. To wear fresh vitality and can not be separated from the autumn and winter environment, to wear warm and thin, not only to wear a coat to harmony and beauty, into the room, then take off the coat how to do? Within the ride is also the focus.

01 The simplest match is shirt collar with sweater, convenient and not easy to make error, it is the best choice for everyday. Bottom of the shirt does not need any complicated pattern, only need a nice collar, petals generally around the neck, how wonderful is it!

02 Retro style is popular today, do the old denim shirt almost one hand. So how can we stand out among the many similar shirts? Cute cartoon printing is a different magic weapon, leather short skirt with the ultimate is a small success!

03 Letter sweater with cartoon is suitable for school students to be lovely, comfortable and nice sweater version is always difficult to let it go, not to a few simple patch, with the irregular scattered in the body, white color is quietly injected into the lively power, simple but not monotonous.

04 Favorite autumn and winter dress, the whole body full of warm wrapped a sense of security. Can not see the quiet growth of meat, but also in the inside to add warm clothing. Go out and add a long coat, even if not button will not feel cold with it.

05 Finally, a wild trousers, do not like to wear pants for the winter, the girl probably only needs it a pair of pants is enough. For girls who like pants, perhaps to store a few? Plus cashmere casual trousers, slim stovepipe warm, you deserve it!

Lovely printing on clothes

Butterflies fly over the city, the skyscrapers of the brick and white tiles become colorful, like the dreams that children often do. With this printing to embellishment straight skirt, and will not make people feel naive, but can achieve the effect of fresh and younger age, not to mention the cute collar to join it. Come on, choose your suitable wholesale dresses.

01 This is the butterfly world, more like red and green alternative collision, to avoid the most pure color background, light burgundy and military green in the blank and fill between the various changes. Simple round neck with a more convenient, waist A-shape with single wear can also get a good return rate.

02 Magic little black skirt has a lot of benefits, so every season we can not help but to open a few pieces. European organza of the texture, is the darling of spring and summer, the new listing of natural to see more eyes. There is a butterfly printing to join, a little black dress will not be too lonely, anyway, spring is gorgeously blooming.

03 But then again, do not wait until the spring to come to regret, taking advantage of the winter still continue to come back to a woolen dress it. The most classic pleated figure, the most weary gray and black collision, knee length is not the same with the visual, just open the visual imagination.

04 Advocating simple nature is a kind of smart and open-minded attitude, not affected by those who have disturbed the impact of the fashion index is not kidnapped, do not deliberately limelight, wait and see, get rid of aesthetic fatigue, starting from this step, slowly will find your own style.

05 More and more creative, everyone has their own characteristics and preferences, to create a simple and stylish feeling, the flexibility to enrich their image is not difficult, and then how to change, who did not more than three colors, away from the fancy, while color is fresh and full of cute feeling.

Season For Maxi Dress

Sunshine, waves, beach, these are the most romantic pictures in hot summer. In the hot summer season, various holidays are approaching, woman who wants to go to the beach vacation can begin to prepare the beach wholesale dresses. Light skirt flying with the sea breeze, layers of the dress showing the infinite romance. Beach skirt is the unforgettable touch of style of the coast as a landscape.

Unique hem of the skirt lets the body line to be enchanting, and silk fabric is light and elegant, walking is able to let the skirt flying with the wind. The front breasted pleated design creates attractive curves, but also can show sexy clavicle and beautiful shoulders. Women that are afraid of the sunshine can use a wide edge of the straw hat or sun cloak to match the dress.

Irregular hemline with the splicing layers can create the sweet feeling of woman’s, which has the ultimate appeal with people at first sight. Patterns on the noble phoenix and beautiful flowers’ printings show a beautiful image of the summer.

Beautiful and retro color is very important for the dress. The front deep V-neck design to make woman who wears be very sexy, it can also accompanied by skirt wrapped chest, this is for those women who do not want to wear to be too sexy, and you can wear a different kind of charming feeling. The fabric is very gentle and smooth, which is breathable and skin-friendly in wearing.

Orange red gives a fresh and healthy feeling to people, for it is a very bright and bright color that can easily attract the attention of everyone. Seeing such a large flower printing pattern on the dress is so warm, as if the tropical coast of the jungle, the sunshine through the leaves down.