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Lovely and sweet feeling in the dressing

Summer is always colorful, romantic dreams, princess style elegant skirt is the girl’s heart addiction, once awakened and nowhere to hide, leaving a beautiful mark in the limited youth time, a little exquisite, a little smart, a little brilliant, some Or strong or light feelings, constitute aftertaste of youth.

01 Perspective white gauze set the snow shoulder, lotus leaf warm gentle deportment, light white gauze, embroidered plaid highlights the details of the grade, as if every inch are engraved perfect, the overall outline of the simple atmosphere, pure white holy solemn, princess-like noble Magnificent flawless bloom.

02 Pink graceful silhouetted against the one that shy feminine, pink blue, pink, pink yellow line winding, translucent flowers surrounded the branches and leaves with a soft stretch of the gesture, refined three-dimensional showing the beauty of nature, emitting a fresh and charming atmosphere, butterfly belt , Gauze bud skirt, the girl’s heart properly placed.

03 Sleeveless long skirts to one side quietly comfortable world, showing non-skirts can not explain the elegance, exquisite decoration has led to tall physique, elegant skirt overflow overflowing, so that the lines of legs hidden in hazy phantom, white wholesale clothes are elegant, lace and chiffon seamless integration, to create belong to the light and romantic season.

04 Up and down are graceful combination of layers and have different, light and gentle knit sweater, small and exquisite sweet lantern sleeves, netting change, endless charm, T-shirt and yarn at the same time showing the simple and easy mix and match the beauty, the overall quiet Tranquil, every detail of elaborate cleverly painted oil-like years of light and shadow.

05 Dressed in European root yarn lace skirt is graceful, in the early summer breeze and sunshine, write a glittering fairy tale, knot a love affair, frankly do yourself in real life, hard to love a serious life, as a fairy tale and fairy tales The princess in the difference between a crown.

The good things have never changed

In addition to the wholesale clothes of the brand and the pursuit of classic fashion, wearing clothes is to fight the mood, especially in my heavenly literary Fan so vigorous era, a mood of distant clothes, you can save a lot of words, we play is this has a long history.

01 Speaking of small black dress, is absolutely classic in the classic, so how many people obsessed with indulgence cannot extricate themselves. Beauty of the girls almost a hand, fashion wild not pick color, matched with a little bright ornaments, easy to make the whole shape becomes perfect.

02 Elegant dark blue background with colorful peach heart print, light and shade of the color, bring out the French full of romance. Simple skirt body, high waist line stitching micro-skirt, and the upper body of the self-cultivation design contrast, highlight the wonderful man is more tall and charming.

03 Want to bring the Queen style, long section of the windbreaker is a good choice, there is a warm wind and warm feeling. Classic wine red lining was more white skin color, but also with a variety of colors with a very good together, there are types of Fan in the fashionable stage to a firm foothold.

04 Enduring can be called classic, cowboy is such an element, it can be in a long time constantly glow with new vitality, always standing in the fashion cusp. Exquisite embroidery to the denim shirt added a fun and vitality, wearing it has not returned to the feeling of a child?

05 Sometimes the right clothes can also increase self-confidence for you, the red will give us such a positive energy. Black silk stripes for the restless red plus a calm force, it is more suitable for everyday wear. Loose profile slightly a little boy gas, the most suitable for the workplace women.

Someone calls you to buy the new clothes

Think about it, everyone is very concerned about their own have not been noticed, life is so, dress is even more so, do not wait until someone calls you know that the new wholesale clothes for yourself.

01 Want to do in the autumn of the lovely woman, no piece of windbreaker which can line ah. Let the girls in the Royal sister, LORI freedom to switch between, fear is only a windbreaker. Classic lapel, fashion type, loose style, wild tire. Give the body a holiday, it is better to use windbreaker to reward themselves.

02 Bat sleeve elegant between the gestures, from the glimpse of the heart is the kind of reserved and charming. When the representative of the temperament bat sleeves, met the simple simplicity of the ultimate stripes, the two will be what kind of sparks, let us wait and see it.

03 If you must use a color to represent the fall, then it must be yellow. Yellow and this season is always kind of invisible tacit understanding, so no matter what kind of yellow wear on the body, will not appear abrupt or deserted. Solid color chiffon shirt for the bottom is just, there are vitality and grace.

04 Cardigan without the beauty of breathtaking, as long as it can be random with all kinds of clothing with a good enough. The basic paragraph of the cardigan is the best choice to deal with changes in the weather, the color of the romantic meet the different age groups of people, if you want to wear new ideas, like this is a scarf is beautiful.

05 A shawl, and hearty, and warm, to know that you are only a short distance to the fall of the shawl. Although not eye-catching, but the upper body effect of the shawl has been stable to stay in their own small world, waiting for more people to explore its beauty. All the troubles of the season, a shawl is enough to solve.

Wind from the autumn, nice clothes accompany with you

A few days before the cold wind down, but also holding a few days the weather will warm the idea, it now seems really want more, the temperature is not low, the wind is also happy to play, even if the sun at noon still can not stop the sober autumn wind. Such a weather, the girls must take care of themselves, a single piece can not meet the needs, then pick a good look at the wholesale clothes.

01 In fact, there is a fall in the fall of the place, that is, dry weather, drinking water is necessary. We all say “woman is the water to do”, we describe the lovely girl is also watery, not only because the weather is dry, often stay up all night to pay attention to pay air people, full of skin to show the most beautiful you.

02 In general, dress with the need for uniform style of clothing, will be a type of clothes with together, such as sweet wind, such as sweet female style, such as sports style, this can highlight your charm in this type, And harmony people look comfortable, with it is also simple, not easy to make mistakes.

03 Like this, the body wearing the main body of the PU material, there are fine lace stitching, lace numerous, occupy most of the area, the whole body black look handsome mysterious. In this case, in order not to upset the overall mysterious beauty, under the same material is not eye-catching simple black leggings like, take a long coat, the overall rate of temperament to dripping show.

04 Of course, in recent years gradually popular from the mix and match the style, but also seemingly free but not scruples free to wear, wear well, a temperament of the clothes may be the upper body to become a village show. Mix and match with reasonable to reflect your creativity and aesthetics, the form of course, a variety of eclectic.

05 Autumn in the workplace of the girl is able to reflect their own unique beauty, including the skirt is the most able to show a beautiful body, and of course there are more choices. Lingge arranged in the clothes, the wonderful geometric shape so that the whole looks elegant and generous, as well as shiny sequins, exquisite hook flowers with a small lace collar to make it a perfect inside.

A little decoration in clothes will be better

Like a woman needs to dress up to highlight the personality of dress, wholesale clothes naturally also need some unique crowning touch, with a different shape of the finishing touch can naturally highlight or dignified and elegant, or lively and playful different personality. Pure and dignified is not bad, but a little decoration will be better.

01 If only a simple white suit, this dress will not be less playful personality. Lovely flavor full of meow pedestrians occupy the collar, cuffs on the embroidery flowers are added to the overall taste of the sun up, that is sweet lady style, but also full of lively and playful feelings.

02 Wine red and beige tacit cooperation, both set off and can highlight their own characteristics. Exquisite embroidery around the collar brings out the exquisite face of oriental women, elegant little collar more subtle elegance. Slim cut with long skirt design, together to create the oriental woman’s soft and delicate.

03 If there is no hand-painted plum on the skirt, this piece of the buckle will not be less fine some more rough? Because of the existence of plum blossom clothes more than some of the book aroma, contaminated with some plum blossom. This hand-painted plum is the finishing touch of the whole dress.

04 Simple and capable lines, fashion wild lapel, coupled with the atmosphere of self-confidence embroidery patch, is not the original low-key white more publicity atmosphere. Break the tenderness ladies style, give clothes a little bit of boy attributes, you understand it.

05 Although the sweater warm, but some always around the shortcomings, such as the style is always very rigid, like a very mother loaded. But this sweater did not give you a pleasant surprise. Brisk embroidery dragonfly flying in the clothes, with you fly to the happy future.


How to be closer with fashion?

How to be closer with fashion? The most direct approach is to wear wholesale clothes that make people have the feeling of spring, swept away the winter haze, blowing from the fresh, lively and positive energy.

01 To abandon the traditional blue denim, bright denim jacket and the trend of chic element even more closely connected, and then cleverly into the contrast color and tie elements, like the existing pattern into a stock of fresh blood, not to talk about the old topic.

02 Perhaps you are still chilly and choking and complain about the changing cold weather, plus velvet thick sweater can get rid of the bloated and bulky image, but also against the cold morning and evening, free to turn around, there are surprises, seemingly dull, but actually extraordinary, subtle indirectly produced by the beauty, you can taste for a long time.

03 Do not mistakenly think that the eye-catching rose red can only lock you in the tender and gentle frame inside, combined with the streets of the full version of the type of look, handsome and cool rivets, easy simple rope, is both warm and publicity, but also reflects the pursuit of freedom of mind.

04 Sweater cardigan is the original synonymous with comfort, through the gradient of the interpretation of the more meticulous gentle, first glance, hazy, look down, just feel the flashing light is so bright, beautiful as a rainbow, high-profile to show the beauty of the world.

05 Small short jacket cannot wait to appear, no constraints, as far as possible and free and easy close to the smile is from the heart rather than artificial, since it has not yet come to the flowers of the moment, why not use the printing leaves as the lively colorful decoration.

Make Memories with Meaningful Couple Shirts

Every relationship needs a spice of fun and excitement.  Couple shirts are a great way to share the bond and make the memories more meaningful.  You may choose to wear couple shirts on a special outing or vacation or may want to wear them to celebrate a special day or a milestone in your relationship.  Look at some of the cool couple wholesale clothes and shirts ideas below:

BF Style Loose Long Sleeve Couple Sweaters

This comes in two pieces and is available in long sleeves. Plus, it also comes in a V-neckline if that is more comfortable for you and your partner. They look good and the best thing is that you can style then whichever way you want. You might want to go with ripped jeans or a skirt. These pullover sweaters can be worn in any type of weather, and it is a very aesthetic street wear as well. They are best for a casual day out, on campus, or a walk around the countryside.

Cartoon Stripe Fork Couple Shirt

You may style your couple shirts and dresses in a different way than your spouse.  The key is to keep some elements the same.  These shirts are an extremely comfortable wholesale dress, and the material is also breathable and light.  The color choice is the same and who doesn’t remember Popeye the sailor man and his love for Olive. You and your partner may go down the memory lane and celebrate your childhood cartoon interest with these shirts. Or, you too may share your interest in animals or a common cause and celebrate it with shirts like these

Sweetly Button Ethods Couple Suit

These shirts are perfect, simple yet elegant.  For teen couples out on a field tour or on campus, each wholesale dress carries its own style yet is unmistakably a couple dress.  There is no right or wrong way to wear it and mix and match with other colors and styles.  You may wear the shirt with jeans instead of skirts and shorts.  This suit is great for picnics or on a cruise with your partner.

You may go for wholesale clothing for getting some of the best couple shirts.  There are many varieties in couple shirts and dresses.  Some have complementing colors while others are contrasted with matching or meaningful slogans.  They are great for gifts and are surely a fun gift to give on anniversaries.

Silky delicate love, wonderful silk for season

From the lotus leaf to the stripes and then to the embroidery, this season so that we are amazing about the fashion elements are too much in the wholesale clothes. Popular elements are naturally very eye-catching, but the clothes themselves, texture, style, practical, this should be the focus of our attention. In fact, when we are in the pursuit of this popular, may wish to choose from the perspective of the fabric for their own clothing, chances are you can find yourself another love.

01 If you want to ask: Which kind of fabric is the most suitable match to spring? It must be the most right to speak of silk. Smooth feel so that silk completely worthy of “fiber queen” this reputation, it is because the silk of this supreme position, so silk clothing compared to other clothing prices are more expensive, but this expensive elegant taste can be worn in their own body, so it is not loss.

02 Shirt for girls, must be considered how to buy do not feel extravagant single product, art, printing, silk, embroidery, each of the same is still not enough fun, no way, the shirt is so chic. Blooming flowers occupy the whole body, spray up the vitality of the people feel the enthusiasm of the spring, the spring , it should be gorgeously blooming.

03 No matter what kind of occasions, having a slim black dress can be chic enough, but in the selection of black dress, or to compare and then decide which black dress is much more suitable for their own. Silk’s little black dress because of its soft feeling, so wear it is also chic and elegant, no matter what jacket with accessories, do not affect the beautiful, is definitely one of the few bright spots in the black skirt.

04 Skirt is not a summer’s patent, even sleeveless dress, on the autumn can also wear it to be chic. Plus a denim jacket or a baseball coat, you can be chic as much as possible. Elegant skirt is not easy to be ignored, matching with a similar color of the belt, both elongated leg lines, but also show the woman’s graceful temperament.

05 A texture of the shirt, both can wear casually or wear every day, you can also wear during the working time. General wear shirts tend to require more, then if you can choose a silk shirt, you can save a lot of trouble with the matching. Gorgeous fabric looks handsome and graceful, no matter what you are going to match, you will be outstanding.

Youth will never finish

Another year of graduation season, the pain of the campus in the surrounding spread around the free, for young students, leaving the campus is a new starting point for college students, leaving the campus may be the end of the student era. The graduation season every year, but being young only once, if not crazy for this with pretty wholesale clothes, it is not the greatest regret in life?

01 School uniforms wearing a shirt inside, deliberately reveals the innocent doll collar to attract everyone to see what kind of rare things to see their shirt, which is perhaps the most naive effort of the bar. White lattice is simple and beautiful, can be accompanied by a lantern sleeve of the exaggerated style, immediately let the white shirt becomes no longer simple, and perhaps the youth also need this little bit different.

02 Once did not feel good young, even grown up, and still can slowly make up back. Wearing striped little sweater in the adult world can be chic enough. Do not have to care about the eyes of others, with sex in the chest to make a knot, bold with the personality of the clothes to their own name.

03 Do not look at the girls now know how to pursue fashion, think about it when you were not leaving the campus, we are walking in the naive route. T shirt on a small flower printing will lead everyone’s pointing, relying on this to win a little attention, but also to meet their own vanity at that time.

04 White shirt is the school uniform in the highest value of the inside, students know no matter how ordinary girls, as long as wearing the white shirt, the image of temperament are rub up to several levels, in particular, more than a bow, more in line with the white shirt of the intellectual temperament.

05 A white t-shirt, a pair of pants, a cap, on the young dress seems to always carry the most honest mark. Although your age is long, but facing memories always has the simplest feelings to chase fashion. And so old can only silently miss, it is better to re-take the road of youth now, chances are met a new self.

Disguised two pieces have true layer

We are often difficult to choose the true and false things, looking forward to the truth of the facts, and could not help but say some good lies, good and bad are difficult to define. Perhaps only in the wholesale clothes will be so tolerant to true and false, and can find the mystery.

01 Disguised two pieces of clothing have nice layer. Saving the trouble with the matching, saving the unknown ugly style you will have, disguised two pieces have the sense of feeling never be inferior in front of the mirror in exchange for other clothing over and over again. Elegant style of beige sweater and mature flower printing in nice material and color are the best embodiment of the sense of hierarchy.

02 Layering is superimposed, and disguised two pieces of clothing not just put the superposition of the skirt, and sometimes in the collar will be some delicate designs. So, we are naturally able to enjoy the v-neck collar and lapel of the magic combination, coupled with the material contrast, this layer of feeling is particularly obvious.

03 If you prefer college style, then such a dress is definitely the favorite one in the wardrobe. Do not say gray is inconspicuous, do not think it is too old-fashioned, when you are wearing it to encounter the youth, everything is better than you think. Pleated and neat style can deepen the formation of a sense of hierarchy.

04 Disguised two pieces depend on splicing design, material splicing can make the sense of hierarchy without pressure, and the color of the splicing is based on seizing the vision of the initiative. Printing is bright and dazzling, and pure black is still low-key, the two splicing virtually raise the chic feeling of yours.

05 The highlight of the waist is one of the ways in which the dress shows charm. But through this highlight to create two sets of charm is indeed unexpected. True and false is difficult to distinguish, the purpose is to let us have more choices, disguised two-piece clothing has a variety of clothes to express our way to make different choices.