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Between dry and cold, how many different places? Clothing wholesale Trophy T-shirt sub-minutes are changing patterns to find the best spring appearances, thick forest coat on the north still occupy the corner of the closet. Ling lattice splicing yarn dress, shoulder fight skin and small hair embrace the wonderful spring.

01 Spring did not know what to wear, then ask Miss Lace it. Lace sketched out of the dress can not only light up the daily wear five stars, as a small dress to attend the banquet is also properly elegant to not. Breasted front and cuff with a Chinese retro elegant, and behind all the lace L large V interpretation of Western-style sexy and style.

02 Scottish plaid mostly shirt-style British-style orthodox and formal, but too loose style is really a little less to say. It is best to dress like this, with the lace to create X-shaped decoration of the most beautiful body curves, irregular lotus leaf pendulum naturally drape, shirt dress off the straight shape, with a new world.

03 Dressing skirt in which season should erupt a powerful influence? Winter is not as good as Spring and Autumn, and the clear autumn sky not always on the wind blowing out the beginning of the spring of all things. It is a solid color, saturation is neither too high nor too low. By the warm and the beauty, the transition can be clear.

04 A single product will be welcomed not by data to explain the strength can not be explained, as covered in most areas of the universal cowboy, with followers such things completely without doubt. Cotton shirt stained imitation cowboy yarn fluffy coat, white lace embellishment next to the buttons, full of girls can not be said heart.

Sleeve length does not affect the sense of cool

Do not know since when, vivid characters began to become the new darling of the printing industry. Slim short-sleeved shirt and harem pants combination just listen to know how high-end avant-garde, in no way inferior to the street shooting model’s first line, self-confidence and fashion feel spontaneously, a woman should be so fishes.

01 After this June, another glance at the sighting of a woman who is about to enter the community has stepped into the path from youthful to mature. Naked reality, the first thing to do is to set up a formal dress. Do not think this is unimportant, but this is the first impression left to the first job, absolutely plus points.

02 As for later, in what direction to develop, depends entirely on personal wishes. Of course, more women will choose sexy style, after all, the years are irresistible factors. If you are 20 years old at the age of 30, it would be too violating and feeling so it should be counterproductive if it should not be childish.

03 Days are long and short, depending on the mood, as long as the mood is not a problem, let alone the length of the sleeves. Sleeveless short-sleeved, in fact, the difference is not so big, will not hinder your sense of cool. Summer cool from clothing wholesale, but also depends on our mood.

04 Summer madness “enjoy” song, which you most want to enjoy it? I like the relaxed and comfortable bat sleeve, I do not know how you looked. Europe and the United States print slightly rough with casual, less graceful and more casual personality, it seems more suitable for the fast-paced city, the summer should be so bold.

05 Although it is a one-fifth sleeve, how much impact will it have? Chiffon lightweight texture will not give us much burden. Irregular cut chiffon personality can be magnified, waist design even more staggering, printing passion and plain collide, with the most portable travel dress up.

Early autumn styling line beauty

Clothing wholesale colors often give the most visual visual effects, such as red passion, blue melancholy. The line of clothing is the soul of the design where, imperceptibly to play to modify the body and enhance the effect of temperament. What are the most fashionable lines in the design of this season, and which contours are most suitable for you?

01 High waist A line is undoubtedly the most suitable for the crowd, whether you are apple-shaped, lean-type or Chinese women who are more common pear-shaped body, can be modified into a tall, slender and bumpy appearance, simply better than advertising The weight-loss products are still amazing. Knee length skirt and early autumn atmosphere is very coordinated, coupled with the British checkered shirt collar, simple atmosphere does not lose the international big brand.

02 Although the slogan of weight loss on the Internet one after another, but in reality in the streets a look, a very seductive little sister or a lot. Slim lines for the more slender woman is a icing on the cake, exquisite lace and easy to walk styling wholesale sexy lingerie to create noble texture, even if only used as a base coat with seasonal jacket must not be taken lightly.

03 Different from the traditional design blindly cover the original body defects, the pursuit of the designer will be the natural female body contour and line design integration, so that everyone wear it, can make the dress in the body naturally drape the formation of lines full of personalized artistic sense. “Sounds great .”

04 When the working style of the neat and neat and feminine gentle and soft combination of neutral design and the original may not so prominent femininity lining was more obvious, adding a handsome while also contrasting the facial features of the delicate and charming , such a line to wear on the body, then picky people are also hard to find flaws.

05 Smooth and supple lines at a glance will know that wear will be very comfortable, so relaxed and comfortable style is very suitable to create a slightly lazy meaning early autumn style. The stitching of different fabrics will be smaller size one, but also highlight the unique fashion vision.

Pamper yourself to be loved

Boyfriend loves you, because loves you, girlfriend loves you, because loves you; parents love you, but also because love you. Because they are favored, so to redouble their efforts to release these pet out, but you have thought, in the other people at the same time also love themselves? To know, only to learn to love themselves, have the ability to love others.

01 For the expectations of others, we may gradually become their own do not like the look, but what can this? Our bones, after all, or their own restless heart, in their own world, there should be how I like how the domineering.

02 The through the colorful summer, but stopped in the slightly monotonous cold autumn. Seen colorful, inevitably chose the final or pure to true color, the kind of heart like a thoughtful wrapped in a warm clothing wholesale in the body, lingering for a long time.

03 I believe many people will have this feeling: from the beginning to encounter the cowboy, they feel that the whole person was completely captured by it. British full of cowboy, like a very reckless and child-like themselves, how to wear how chic it is.

04 Pursuit of popular is not wrong, but win in the classic seems more reasonable. Pretty little black dress, swept for another while, slim feeling like a tailor according to the shape of each person cut out the same, people do not like it is difficult.

05 In the bright afternoon, met the pure sky, also met a laugh girl, she wore a lovely cartoon baseball service, and the sky and the same color, she used a smile to warm up all the cold this season.

Sweet retreat pullover skirt

Wooden ear folds are one of the favorite retro elements of the ladies in clothing wholesale, exquisite plant embroidery three-dimensional reproduction of the natural fairy posture beauty, people love can not stop, elegant gray blue as the breeze passing, let this sweet to bring part of the indifferent quiet, fresh ladies style sweater will be able to light a whole body, and most of the wardrobe can also be fit to match the cool autumn.

01 Small pompon lace picture box cartoon painting out of the clear eyes, to the sweater marked with exquisite fashion stamps, will also rejuvenated feelings in the heart, elegant and gentle gray for these more refined, cotton and lace comfortable romantic combination will let people love this autumn.

02 White collar will lead the time back to the innocent past, the shirt combination of two college students look back to the day embrace the books in the campus running time, a large white wool embroidery quietly bloom, lit the quiet afternoon time.

03 Lantern sleeve sweater pencil skirt writing a graceful time, and gray and white rendezvous and appropriate temperament, so quietly live, like people just between the distance, it is time to reconcile and know the everlasting.

04 It is printed up to the adult bear go out the door of the warm picture, delicate color is both stylish and realistic, at the same time with the different color of the sweater changes, especially determined, pure color sweater has a personalized printing embellishment is no longer monotonous, to convey the autumn warm sun unique warmth, favored with the same color so that the whole body like a sun-like warm according to people.

05 Autumn, everything is good, the only bad is dry to itchy itching, to point moisturizing eyes, gouache or water blue, pale and clear as was washed the same, like the autumn wind peach blossoming smile, high collar open sweater dress this season is the most real punctuality, simple wear clothing fashion.


Like it then have it, let go bold love

And other people do the same thing, take the other people have gone through the road, engaged in the work of stability is not born waves, the pursuit of all buried in the heart? If it is difficult to understand the style of love, if the real like to stimulate, it is better to do their own, a little more glamorous with clothing wholesale?

01 Twenty-five years old should be ladies calm, there is a stable marriage towards the feelings of marriage, there must be a sense of security for the job. Not everyone is willing to follow the old consciousness. Wearing a red down jacket wearing a collar and headphones, like girls, like every day had a wonderful vitality, what other people say, and nothing to do.

02 Let yourself be happy is always the first element of charisma, bitter gourd face and serious style rarely produce a true sense of the contrast feeling. Light ripe lace and tender girl powder is also very ride, like not to mouth to win it.

03 They said that collar is not suitable, round neck is more suitable for face. Become attractive, from the refusal to start execution. You can listen to the letter but cannot listen to the voice of non-heart, it says you want to try, and then really want to try, it is not bad.

04 Do not like tight, do not like to lose the temperature to grace, would rather put on a bed of quilts only warm as early summer. Whether the coat will change tone, still do not know, but the color is still there, bright to dazzling.

The vast sea of people, at first glance to see you

Weekend to go out for shopping, the streets are always crowded, to the place with friends agreed around, looked around, my heart silently goes crazy, how to find out my friends? Why finding someone is so hard! In fact, looking for people is not difficult, but because she is not obvious so cannot find her out. If you want everyone in the crowd at first glance to find you, clothing wholesale is very important.

01 Faded girl’s innocent and ignorant feeling, slightly pink, more in line with the urban women on the new definition of fashion, which is romantic and elegant, soft lotus leaf sleeves are always the chic design, the word is a mature little sexy, for the weekend dating wear, to ensure that your boyfriend’s eyes tightly look at you all the time.

02 In the hot summer, it is the girl to show graceful figure in such a best time. Shallow purple is the most beautiful suits of lavender in Provence, Slim dress version is S-shaped body of the excellent partner, lower body skirt has a feeling of a fishtail skirt, creating a temperament of woman’s popular single product.

03 When the distance between the two people is far, the first to see is the color, so the color of the clothes must be right. Bright lemon yellow, gorgeous and colorful, visual effect of a stick, and always filled with youth girl’s dynamic and vitality, with vest shorts or dress, will be so wonderful.

04 Warm sunshine orange color, with its own unique way to tell us that the summer is coming. Double-layer chiffon stitching, full of personality, highlighting the three-dimensional and layered, walking could be more elegant, free and easy; for friend’s shopping, lovers dating or girlfriend’s afternoon, anytime, anywhere. Also, wholesale shoes china will add temperament points.

05 Who can think of has always been high-profile publicity the contrast color also has such a low-key aspect? The depth of the blue and white collision, natural fresh, with wide leg pants and flat canvas shoes, leisurely and comfortable fashion sense, shopping is absolutely beautiful and not tired.

Everybody wants to be beautiful with suitable dress

Refreshing color to arouse the good memories of the seaside holiday, delicate lace and woman’s delicate soft silk into the clothing wholesale, fresh floral full of romantic tenderness, even from the reinforced concrete slit in the wind blowing as if from the blue beach like fairy.

01 Silk excellent dyeing performance will be the designer’s mind that piece of blue perfect expression, dazzling blue eye-catching and will not feel too dazzling, hot and warm hit color lively and generous, sloppy waist design with fold to create a significant effect, have the most fascinating style.

02 High waist long dress with a long dress similar to the skirt, but in fact the skirt’ length is just around the knee, this style refuses to be exaggerated contrived, both dress and solemn elegance and short skirt have tall design, and do not want to try the ankle skirt, it is the gospel for those girls.

03 Growing up to the elf or little fairy, is troubled by every little girl’s multiple choice questions. Although now grown up adults, but that beautiful dream has not faded out of our minds. Light and elegant to the extreme pure white chiffon skirt, there is a dream come true beautifully.

04 Lace, bead, lotus leaf, bow, pink, the combination of these elements make you look like a girl as pure and lovely, and long dress is gentle and quiet, and a lady’s dignified and delicate feeling comes out. Sweet but not greasy is the highest state of sweet.

05 Art is a feeling in the mind, it is fresh and simple, with the nature of indifferent, is thick book precipitation out of the elegant temperament, is innocent and unrestrained. Blue and white porcelain-like pattern and loose lazy long skirt of the day for the combination of literary and artistic young woman’s unique temperament show most vividly.




It is the time to let the knit dress appear

Since entering the autumn, the closet will not be lack of clothing wholesale, the acquisition of a number of sweaters, and the purchase of a number of dresses, you are still feel something missing. The face of sweater seems to be dispensable, dress has been full of water overflowing plight, knitted dress is finally unable to bear the ignorance anymore.

01 Being not too thin, not too thick, anyway, the weather is not early autumn but is not late autumn, just a good degree on it. Gentle and soft gray knitted dress is neatly full of the sense of tingling decorative layer with the design of the delicate buttocks.

02 Knitting is best at the interpretation of the world, which is no disputed, although women want to be a top-notch one among other people, but also have to understand the fact that most of the time the ability to be calm is far more than the grandstanding of the tricks, waist-controlled dress is the best proof.

03 Slightly bright light-colored clothing is often able to purify the mind, without any words, but quietly sitting there, you can feel the charm of it. V-neck collar of the slim dress combines with all the advantages about the summer skirt and autumn knitting.

04 Horizontal stripes are graceful and vertical stripes are chic, dressing in the dress has been controversial, and today, finally there is an answer. The answer is also very simple and rude, and it is related to the style. Uneven stripes, of course, are much more slim than the vertical stripes, especially in the dark color oriented type, which is much more obvious.

05 As we all know, a woman can be super sexy when there are hollow designs, red knitted dress  uses this advantage very well, applying the sexy design extremely nice. Having vaguely about the general perspective of gauze can be full of temptation, coupled with the elegant fishtail of the skirt, you are sure to be a fashionable woman.

Blouse makes you be much more beautiful

Blouse is a wonderful clothing wholesale, it can access a variety of formal or informal occasions, and let the girl put on it has a good mental outlook, showing a good fashion taste at the same time,. Any girl can get a good effect with it. It is applicable all year round, what are you waiting for?

01 Blouse matches with denim pants can always show a fresh, simple and vibrant atmosphere, choosing a suitable blouse for your own with just a little bit loose design is able to pass a sense of leisured feeling.

02 Jumpsuit and blouse combination has a kind of well-behaved feeling revealing a rebellious taste about youth. Seven length of the sleeves have the appropriate exposure of the arm, so that the sense of stylish feeling can be much more casual. Slim of the trousers and loose blouse forms a natural structure on the body shape.

03 Do not have to say much more about the combination of blouse and short pants, especially in the process close to the summer, this combination is very common, but in the season that has large difference between the morning and evening, taking a knit cardigan to match the blouse can make you be warmer.

04 Striped patterns are popular all around the world,which is the same applying to the blouse. Classic and fashionable stripes through a different mixed design, sometimes showing the trend of the front edge of the fashionable taste, sometimes filled with rich retro style, a single product can show different aspects, which can save money at the same time and can completely achieve the goal to be a chic queen.