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Details lit the overall temperament

White shirt plus cotton, no brain with simple to not. Its N kinds of wear as long as you are willing to search a search page, can sum up at least fifteen kinds of tricks. Hurry up in the closet to prepare a, put on to know, from then on to run and run toward you firmly, not a spring shirt can be.

01 Perhaps the jacket at a temperature of ten degrees Celsius at the lowest temperature on the clothes from China more than twenty days there is little useless, it is clear that the temperature of the spring up and down the ups and downs so that their existence is necessary. Not necessarily a long-sleeved T-shirt base, really afraid of heat to enjoy a short-sleeved treatment is also not a bad idea.

02 Hundreds of flowers, catkins fly, spring is not only created by the beauty, hidden in the dark also lurk the etiology. The body has not yet detachment from the solid feeling of the package, then sweater plus knit primer transition can be caring. Ink printing pink dependencies, comfortable is the most important thing.

03 Too complicated to print or style, for beginners is simply the same as the hell mode is not allowed to bring good friends can only pass their own clearance. The tri-color principle, though rigid, can be equated with the Gospel before it has yet to be flexible. Purple lace skirt purple slightly more difficult, but the bottom of the white foot and high heels can easily get.

04 Details determine the success or failure, this sentence we grew up do not know how many times heard, in the success of the school, many seemingly humble details can determine the final result. In the area of dressing up, the details of the role can not be overlooked, a number of small details of the color design, can play a finishing touch, light your overall temperament.

05 An ordinary T-shirt, how to interpret the retro style of national customs? Do not need to pile too much, in the small stand-collar join a full of ancient charm of the plate buckle, embroidered in the double-sleeved with the ancient heritage, so full of rich Chinese style, both the classical beauty of modesty, and modern woman’s fashion, most touching.

Sling: can not resist the slender temptation

What is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to vintage European style? Is the luxury of hand-made, or the extreme waist? I first thought is the elegant shoulder strapless collar, bright red lining of the white skin, exposed clavicle reveals a subtle sexy, retro beauty oncoming.

01 Beautiful blue always gives a good mood, patchwork town houses, colorful butterflies dancing under the blue sky, so a beautiful painting. High waist and puff clothes from China princess princess child, sweet in a fairy gas.

02 Everyone lives in the heart of a little monster, in the printing world, the cartoon pattern is still fashionable. This year the color of the first print is to be overhangs, pink and white with a very low profile but also very lining color, straight version of the model does not pick the body, you want a small fresh is so simple.

03 When is the most tempting woman? When you are not aware of; spaghetti straps why people put it down? Because that is weak and slender, there is another kind of expectation that will not fall down. So, want to be a hundred percent women, several sling is indispensable.

04 When conservative people are still bit “spaghetti straps will not reveal too much” and tangled, considerate she has chosen the favorite style, the open place must not be closed, the place of the cover must Do not open, this degree is so subtle.

05 The more slender, the more women. If you stubbornly do not want to look too weak and weak, then this “ladies” style for you. T-shirt black T-shirt, neat with deserted, all are saying, “I’m not the same with them,” is simply cool!

That little bit is different

On the way to work in the morning, I saw someone else’s balcony with flowers in full bloom, perhaps rosemary. I suddenly felt a little different on this day. Yes, life has been repeated, just a little different is enough surprise. Autumn on the new clothes from China, you will not be the same as me looking for that little difference?

01 That little bit is not the same as the collar is small and exquisite, cute and cute wavelet point, is a warm cotton color new. It’s not just a little more than a little bit, but what is not our concern is that a little different? Half of the past half of the future, this is not the same meaning.

02 Inadvertently revealed to us a little confidence, some people concerned about someone forgotten, what is the relationship? The relationship between the V collar and the clavicle has always been good, embroidery and cotton never paradoxically; this is not the same as a very rare.

03 If you want fresh and dark colors, you have to work on the details, so that’s a little different. That is why most of the time we choose. Is the fine processing at the sleeve, perhaps the temptation of lace, perhaps a cute lantern sleeves, dressing like this very different.

04 The perfect combination of V collar and small collar is a classical lace collage. After all, or navy blue temperament is superior, with the formation of the classic collocation of black color, not in the fall is not perfect, not the same is not outstanding.

05 Three-dimensional textures made of stripes, is the irregularity of the placket tailoring. Because the bat shirt did not throw in the towel, so we have a lot of personality flying youth. Literary style children’s urban style is the color of the fresh outstanding, people love endless.

Who says can only wear couple shirts in Valentine’s Day?

Life, the most important thing is the mood. If everything is in accordance with the established model, it will be too boring. Please seize the time consciously around nice clothes from China to show the love.

01 According to the designer’s ingenious idea, this section of the couple clothes called “the flowers.” Hearing the name of the moment, having inexplicable kind of poetic atmosphere created by the whole to confuse the feeling, suddenly falling into the flowers in general. Beyond time, beyond space, beyond temperature, beyond the distance, just because it is love.

02 And be together with the people you like, the eyes will be glowing. Like the stars scattered in the sky, full of truth is revealed. I have to admit that the good longing is a strong idea, in its drive, always particularly willing to believe that some such as idol drama will appear in the sentence, sweet but not greasy.

03 Traditional thinking, love is not a romantic value of the vital thing, and even having some of the meaning of wasted time. So most people will choose to adopt an involuntary way to determine a lifetime partner, and then live together. It is difficult to imagine the long years, how they make do with the spent.

04 Do not have a common topic, common hobbies, common interests, and even common habits in the process of getting together. Fortunately, the current social atmosphere is so enlightened, small couples only you love me willing to come together, high-profile show loving simply can not stop, even dressing must be exactly the same.

05 Couple is not just a sign, but it is a kind of ownership, an attribution about “the world only two of us are the same”. Of course, to some extent also have the meaning of the declaration of sovereignty. Especially women, more biased than men like to like this behavior, the reason is very simple, three words – a sense of security.