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Cut off the sleeves a fresh

I wonder if you did not find it, perhaps the reason the summer heat, everyone taking pictures of the style is more and more eclectic. No longer like the spring and autumn so pleasant climate can be slowly and slowly put a half day pose, but free to click on a few random, out of the effect but refreshing, free and easy.

01 If you also want to learn this easy-going camera mode, in general, there is no standard. Sitting can be shot, standing can also be shot, touch the hair shot, walked the road also shot a good self-timer mobile phone, carry a bag shot all kinds of beauty.

02 If summer hurt you sweat, get makeup, in front of the camera you need to double self-confidence and ease. Because the makeup details of the modification in front of powerful computer technology is only a small case, but the natural expression is not out. Showing your natural and natural smile, for the victory over the summer, than anything else.

03 Delicate flowers do not because of the sun, torrential summer and convergence of her look, on the contrary, the sun makes her even more dazzling, rain makes her more moisture. In summer also let myself be a leisurely woman, mood with the piece of green leaves gently rocking in the breeze.

04 Sleeveless skirt small bare shoulders to match China wholesale shoes, jade smooth, always feel that this detail is very attractive, you look more radiant. Wine red chiffon hanging down, contaminated with a mellow, light waist figure exquisite convex, youth is still, the years are so beautiful.

05 Shirt-style dress, collar collar with a big fuss, bring shirt-style handsome and capable, slightly conservative collar and open sleeveless wonderful blend together, highlight the subtle elegance. Sleeve like a multi-layer skirt with wholesale shoes china, puffed release of sweet atmosphere.