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Let me show you wholesale fashion dress

Sweet and fresh background with cartoon harp printing, the general style of the grasp is a small fresh and sweet. But I have to mention is the details between the collar, delicate collar buckle, while the smiley side is a note, the details of the intentionally even if the outer coat or knit will not ignore it.

01 Pay close attention to the tail in the spring travel, not only for those who are blossoming in full bloom soon to flower children, or for fifty-six seven seventy-nine months do not hurt. Find a favorite cheap Korean clothes online to do one thing, wearing sports sweater to remind myself that in April to lose weight it!

02 What is the taste of spring, it should be soft, sweet and clear, a spring rain of fresh air are all fresh breath, direct heart. Quarrel between two people, a pique an eastward west, farther and farther back, do not know you come back to see me to you?

03 When I saw someone wearing a lovelock on the road, felt indignant and completely forgotten. In fact, he was wearing a lover’s dress with somebody. Only different directions seem lonely. Denim shirt is very simple, because he is grid control, little compromise” a bit.

04 Walk away, have the ability Do not look back, my heart think, but still secretly look back and saw his silent back of the head, the more angry. Spring should not be everything picturesque things go hand in hand? What happens happens to have a bad sign of the breezes, others smile or even the print on the dress are not pleasing to the eye.


Addition of clothing – the beauty of the level

Perhaps you will forget the elegant beauty, but Organza yarn fashion rules are not so easily forgotten, light color printing, and white highlights the importance of level, more beautiful skirts flying in early autumn.

01 Simple match, but also need a little bright spot. Well autumn, do not be so deep like. This red is not too warm, but enough for the autumn filled with bright colors. Random painting on the drawing board, collision with the solid color clever collocation, that is, through the wonderful combination.

02 With a skirt, you need a solid color shirt. Lace is the best, after all, late summer and early autumn people often silly can not tell. A little fringe of playful, a little delicate lace, anyway, is the best with a solid color. Pure black or white are the most suitable choice.

03 Cotton linen shirt, perhaps reluctant summer scenery, so sketch, want to retain the shades of color linger. The most wonderful is a little arc hem, with a skirt must be very appropriate, those literary and ladylike feelings are perfect performance.

04 Selected high-grade silk fabrics, smooth and soft, shiny, comfortable and more beautiful fashion at the same time; the waist of the 3D digital printing, the waist was thin and excellent effect, instantly has a charming waistline; Irregular double-layer skirt pendulum, modified leg lines, showing the graceful and elegant woman.

05 Classic two-piece cheap Korean clothes online, not only to cover the extra fat, slim was thin, and can adjust the body proportions, elongated lower body lines, outline the sexy figure of woman’s curves; knotted knot, light and elegant, highlighting the elegant woman taste; double skirt, walking in between, more aesthetic romance.

06 Not only refers to the level of a multi-level clothes, but also can be multi-piece clothing formed at multiple levels. This section of water-soluble lace jacket, a single point of view there is no sense of hierarchy, but with other wholesale women clothes to wear with, through the lace and lace inside the formation of the sense of hierarchy, so that the whole garment even more upscale, showing the wearer’s aesthetic height and dress taste.

The habit of autumn

Like to see the lively festive with you, in the wedding season, the color of the festive no bad, to know that the whole year of the scene only the day of such a prosperous is worth a surprise. Playful cartoon cheap Korean clothes online, you can rotate the umbrella skirt, with a set of leisure free.

01 Autumn is a bumper season, you say it will not like a little mature dress it? Anyway, anyway, we look at Shun eyes first to say. Classic wine red, windbreaker section also can not cover the dress worship, do not accept the waist was thin, waist is even thinner.

02 Saw the green playful, how autumn is willing to stop, really want this color has been extended to the winter. Say black wild, you do not believe, see this green is the convergence of how the black dress, totally natural color collision can conquer the passers-by’s heart.

03 Like the different life, even if the sweater, but also like jacquard design more than pure color low-key, always thought that this season desolate, in fact, it is the most suitable for the season. Bohemian style of color staggered, tassels may be the season of flying.

04 See the elegant appearance of autumn? Waist wrapped around the buttocks, curves are beautiful, as well as elegant and elegant fishtail skirt. Autumn is not a lady, but it likes to see the girls graceful and elegant. Vertical stripes even more thin, we all understand the truth, do not ignore this point.

05 Like the bright and sounding you, like the quiet and elegant autumn, you like the elegant graceful fall, in fact, the most favorite autumn is still confident you In the absence of comfort when there is a dress to accompany the dress can also smile, my dear, are you ready?

What kind of clothes do you think can be chic?

You are a simple fashion woman. Bright orange like a warm sun sprinkled on the body, bringing the warmest care; personalized patch embroidered full of fun, to add joy to life; smooth simple lines are always the same love you always. “Fresh orange orange + patch embroidery + simple lines” coincides with your fashion declaration in cheap Korean clothes online.

01 You are a literary and intellectual woman. Not parrot, will not follow the crowd, whether it is manners, or dress, have their own clear style. Intriguing wine is like a thick book, gently open, not only the international ABC letters text, there are smart Christmas snowflake illustrations, take time, savor. This section of the cardigan jacket in the connotation of your body, everything just right.

02 You are an elegant and capable woman. Large fur collar, a very luxurious sense, highlighting the mature woman’s exquisite dress taste, and after the test of time and precipitation, and ultimately stay classic version of the type, is rich in life experience the best choice for elegant women.

03 Without the windbreaker, the autumn is not complete. Whether it is fat lady or slim lady, wardrobe need a thin simple windbreaker. Do not need too much personality decoration, to win in the self-cultivation effect is enough, even with a variety of match, do not let people feel unexpected.

04 Seen the charm of hollow, seen the cruel of the noble, and finally lost to the lace of love. People can not resist the lace embroidery, from the bones of the interpretation of the extreme, appropriate nudity, is also the nature of the girl’s heart.

05 Classic sweater both by the fashion wave of people’s favorite, but also popular people wear the first choice. Do not pick with the sweater, both to bring warm and comfortable, but also bring casual wear experience. Black and white hit color, visually more eye-catching, letter printing, it is non-tide can not choose.

06 Stripes are both classic and popular. Irregular stripes, more visual impact. Full of charming style shirt dress, the most interpretation of moving the ultimate. Minimalist black and white color has an irreplaceable task, you want to be thin, you have to wear so.

Sometimes the feeling cannot say it out

Many things in the world are tentative and tangible, but more cannot be described and difficult to let go of the beautiful feeling. As the fragrance of flowers, filled in the air, fleeing in the fingers cannot capture but also everywhere, take a deep breath, with the even air into the heart and lung, beautiful cheap Korean clothes online but also can not name.

01 Like a cloud of clouds, although unable to control their own, can only follow the wind blowing their own appearance, but they change the charm is endless. The same, the beauty of jacquard really let people have to love, let your beautiful days. I believe jacquard bar, elegant and beautiful.

02 Autumn blowing a cool wind, blowing some people hate someone love. The same autumn is a magic, the mind of the sadness will be it resolved, the hearts of the sad can always be blown away. Like swept the season of flax, spread to the charm of the fall did not diminish. Check the pattern of linen bottom shirt, comfortable national style is full.

03 Playing the skirt is really a bright autumn landscape, live in the moment, the girls dress style is no longer so cautious, strong color tension. People are increasingly biased in the bright colors, highlighting the charm of self. Like this, the red skirt flying, high waist was thin body filling.

04 Indescribable charm lies in, can not find out the law, casually heart, no one is always willing to live a life in the line between the mediocre life, the appropriate break through the yoke pursuit of a free feeling think or excitement It Irregular splicing sweater, want to try it?

05 Knitting generally held in the palm of the warmth, a warm flow from the fingertips gently across, drips quietly years. Color on the eye-catching, authentic color people at first glance feel very comfortable, exquisite pattern display low-key light temperament, with a simple style scarf will be full of vitality.