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Spring is the spring flower

Miss the day before and with the sister of kapok, there Abu heart that heartless girl. See you again, three people will nest in a bed that night whisper. Abu in the circle of friends drying their own new clothes, long section of the shirt-style dress, quiet, dark blue playful little cherry, it touches her very character.

01 Sky blue knit shirt, very mild colors, color collision is stripe fresh interpretation, the small Mo not keen on such a style, but try it is always possible. Looked up at the sky, dust floating in the sun and air, like the thoughts of floating, always when the bell rang was recalled.

02 Class, get out of class, lesson preparation, homework, a simple lifestyle, from home to school, like the children’s smiling face, like the sounding morning, like the stout acacia tree on campus. Small cheap clothes from China just came, just to catch the flowering Acacia tree, very layered pink, like a feather, accidentally dyed cotton dress.

03 Five o’clock in the evening, after school. The city is still in the hustle and bustle, hurry, the girls are colorful youthful, some people are wearing gray dress, cut neat short hair, the perfect interpretation of the OL rule. Small Mo likes to see the outside world from the bus window, has been changing, just as spring footprint.

04 Passed another school, I do not know where the children are concerned about today’s sunny. Small to be turned around to see the footsteps of the sun retreat, but the lingering of the day has been enough happiness. A breeze blowing past, the soft is very soft, small Mo reminiscent of the early to see verse, flowers are spring breeze.

05 It’s not easy to do it yourself, especially for girls. Static as a virgin, moving, such as rabbit off, it is already very elegant evaluation, there is a distance between the goddess and the female man, but the girls are amazing, just as vast as the spring world, if the grasp of their own not thorough enough, come here to find a suitable style of it.

Refreshing fresh summer solstice

Without cheap clothes from China naturally not summer, simple T-shirt with denim shorts is really casual and generous, which is the most relaxed and not wrong summer dress up, the chest with the letter plus the printing of both decorative flavor and not Loss of classical, get rid of monotonous.

01 Shirt is also one of the protagonists in summer, elegant and fresh print shirt makes people breezy, temporarily forget the hot, novel V-neck micro-sexy, work or shopping are suitable, the clothes placed in the pants very capable and intellectual, direct Outside becomes free.

02 Light pole to know more beautiful flowers, the ultimate elegance and can not fully display the charm of black and white ash. So have this blooming halo of the classical mood, lotus leaf soft and romantic printed in the foil more and more sincere low-key, the summer dress always let people remember at a glance.

03 No chest is also about a woman’s pain, after all, it is the beginning of the curve, but everything is often the pros and cons, and I always think bra is too proud of the girl is not suitable for interpretation of art Fan children. Lean, direct, more in line with literary Fan children’s appetite, lavender never lost to any color.

04 Cotton and linen dress naturally no requirement for the United States, however, the cheongsam on the curve of the requirements can not be underestimated. So if you really can not develop in this way of literature and art, it is better to wait and see the changes, enjoy the wonderful gesture under the cheongsam bar. Improved cheongsam, lace layer upon layer of really tight, like a water hibiscus demure polite.

05 Without the blue, fresh summer will not be enough heat. Anyone who understands color a little bit knows that blue is the best reward for us in summer. Lace outline out of the stupid posture just like depths of several ripples, inadvertently ups and downs, blooming a bit romantic and elegant.

Candy colorful clothing

Believe that the girls love the summer because of the infinite possibilities of dress, skirts, nice shirt, new ideas one after another, wonderful succession. This is a season of self-willed, even people can forget those who do not like to attract people, accidentally fell in love with you, my dear summer you are good?

01 Popular summer this wide-leg pants, as if back to a dozen years ago, when mothers are young, the passage of time will always make people think of fashion, to be improved to become today’s trend. Wrinkled V-neck sexy enchanting and dignified and generous, how this elegant cheap clothes from China cannot be loved.

02 Skirt world, the most comfortable style, together with the skirt printing can be free with nature, how to bloom on how to bloom. Silk need to print embellishment, clever balance between pure and lively, informal character derived from a Queen’s breath, stand the test.

03 Black has the benefits of black, can be reminded of the hot day, showing the extraordinary charm. To meet the printing with black to show a tall texture, mixed with the classic significance of the grid, all this becomes very appropriate, just because more than a glance in the crowd, then fell in love with.

04 There are plaid season, there will be stripes, and they seem to be natural enemies, both higher and lower and do not want to let each other out of their sight, so often diagonal drama situation. Complex color does not hinder the visual power of stripes, pleated waist was thin so simple.

05 This summer we met too many candy color colorful, it is time to see how the model interpretation of intellectual elegance. First of all from the beginning of color, burgundy mellow stamina exceptionally eye-catching in midsummer, exactly the same interpretation, a little personality will not be submerged in the crowd.

Love with the best gesture

All the woman’s bones are about the same as the other foxes in “Little Prince,” which makes no difference to the thousands of foxes in the world before the Little Prince appeared. Once tamed, she can become unique Exist, willing to love the best gesture.

01 Remember, always keep a bright sunshine smile is the beginning of a woman good luck, so that there should be nothing inappropriate. Since God has given the right to have different emoticons, you should be able to show the best of the best, looking up all day, saying nothing of love will not visit.

02 The best manifestation of the external manifestation of decent gestures, no doubt. This is not only for love, but for all other things. Living in this large community of society, dealing with people is something that must be done on a daily basis. In order to have a better impression, you should not be shy about it.

03 Love you, not to talk about it. The so-called best gesture in the end what kind of gesture, perhaps there is no clear definition, if casual count, it would be quite interesting. Like Millay in Struggle, it’s also fine to keep a love of love and regretlessness in cheap clothes from China.

04 Since the chic personality can be, then wild uninhibited naturally no problem. To put it bluntly, it is nothing more than a mere word in my heart. What the appearance is actually not that important, as long as sincerity is full. Just like wild white denim jacket, wash the most elegant and simple the most important.

05 Beautiful rose red texture full of shiny appearance, do not know how many women fascinated, let alone the exquisite aesthetic style design, can not extricate themselves. Buds bloom waiting for the general waist, set off a woman delicate and delicate features, yes, they want the jacket is just like this.


Extreme gold velvet this time makes the unique autumn

Not because of leaves and hay to give the autumn of the definition that autumn is bored. Gentle years will have a lot of amazing time of the perfect encounter. Take the dress up, meet the gold velvet is autumn reward. This kind of cheap clothes from China to the autumn you can never miss it.

01 Do not have to look at the fabric of what is unique, we are just ordinary people, in the visual and tactical enjoyment is enough. Soft texture of the shiny elegance, slim tailoring but no curve can be perfect, lotus leaf shape of the V-neck to the scene full of temptation to taste.

02 When the retro to become an instinct, the Chinese style has a lot of logical reasons to do their own everything. Only the collar and the buckle is full of style. Short jacket of the excellent waist and long skirt swing superimposed romantic beauty, so that the fall like a romantic water.

03 Speaking of Chinese style cheongsam is absolutely can not be ignored. Thinking of the elegant lady wearing a cheongsam of the various enchanting and romantic feeling, for the temperament of the imagination had to be impressed. Gold velvet with embroidery, navy blue elegance makes age to become an advantage, all kinds of customs are also arrived.

04 Cheongsam is good, but it is difficult to control them, as dress is more approachable. But you do not think that casually a dress can meet the gold velvet adventure. The color of the picky, the achievements of the unique charm of the material, wine red and splicing embroidery, to create a perfect woman’s encounter.

05 When the style of return to the rustic, not because of embroidery or splicing is not enough to be chic, but because the color is too picky, it does not need more embellishment. Than the safflower more deep color, temperament is more calm, less so enchanting taste, a little more atmosphere dignified texture.