Sweet retreat pullover skirt

Wooden ear folds are one of the favorite retro elements of the ladies in clothing wholesale, exquisite plant embroidery three-dimensional reproduction of the natural fairy posture beauty, people love can not stop, elegant gray blue as the breeze passing, let this sweet to bring part of the indifferent quiet, fresh ladies style sweater will be able to light a whole body, and most of the wardrobe can also be fit to match the cool autumn.

01 Small pompon lace picture box cartoon painting out of the clear eyes, to the sweater marked with exquisite fashion stamps, will also rejuvenated feelings in the heart, elegant and gentle gray for these more refined, cotton and lace comfortable romantic combination will let people love this autumn.

02 White collar will lead the time back to the innocent past, the shirt combination of two college students look back to the day embrace the books in the campus running time, a large white wool embroidery quietly bloom, lit the quiet afternoon time.

03 Lantern sleeve sweater pencil skirt writing a graceful time, and gray and white rendezvous and appropriate temperament, so quietly live, like people just between the distance, it is time to reconcile and know the everlasting.

04 It is printed up to the adult bear go out the door of the warm picture, delicate color is both stylish and realistic, at the same time with the different color of the sweater changes, especially determined, pure color sweater has a personalized printing embellishment is no longer monotonous, to convey the autumn warm sun unique warmth, favored with the same color so that the whole body like a sun-like warm according to people.

05 Autumn, everything is good, the only bad is dry to itchy itching, to point moisturizing eyes, gouache or water blue, pale and clear as was washed the same, like the autumn wind peach blossoming smile, high collar open sweater dress this season is the most real punctuality, simple wear clothing fashion.



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