Summer mad “enjoy” song

Stripe is a rational element, it is clear and clear, the most important thing is that it can Slim was thin, fit the cut outlined the neat lines, with a stylish suit even more temperament. Wear this way to go shopping, take a casual wholesale high heel shoes, oxygen beauty is you.

01 Thin and obviously high but also wearing comfortable and convenient, the first choice is the high waist long skirt. Whether you are thick thigh or calf, whether you are outside the character or within the character, anyway, have a long skirt everything is not a problem. Waist line to enhance the natural formation of the long legs of the imagination, coupled with the light and elegant colors, chiffon dress you how many points like it?

02 Length can be appropriate to make some changes, these do not matter, as long as adhere to high waist abdomen was significantly higher is not a problem. Wear a long skirt, of course, wear high heels, but if you really do not like canvas shoes, after all, there is a neighbors sister’s fresh beauty is also worth collecting.

03 You can also use the combination of simple and easy way to divert attention passers-by, if you are above fat under the fat pear-shaped body, you can highlight the advantages of the upper body with a solid color, lower body with a printed dress will naturally eliminate the problem. Mulberry silk will not let the loss of center of gravity blue dress, texture is very important.

04 Can also be printed in turn, in the upper body to maximize the ability to highlight the color and printing, can suddenly be noted that it is a skill, people no longer diverted attention after sight is a skill. So, the girls quickly practice what their own ability out of it.

05 Can not rule out some girls which are not fat, went to the other extreme, too thin, I recommended for your waist A sleeveless skirt. Pleated A word skirt is very playful, sleeveless round neck simple and generous, people will ignore the curve of beauty, after all, very refreshing color is very eye-catching, since it can not show the temptation of graceful, let your petite exquisite become a secret weapon it.


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