Spring is the spring flower

Miss the day before and with the sister of kapok, there Abu heart that heartless girl. See you again, three people will nest in a bed that night whisper. Abu in the circle of friends drying their own new clothes, long section of the shirt-style dress, quiet, dark blue playful little cherry, it touches her very character.

01 Sky blue knit shirt, very mild colors, color collision is stripe fresh interpretation, the small Mo not keen on such a style, but try it is always possible. Looked up at the sky, dust floating in the sun and air, like the thoughts of floating, always when the bell rang was recalled.

02 Class, get out of class, lesson preparation, homework, a simple lifestyle, from home to school, like the children’s smiling face, like the sounding morning, like the stout acacia tree on campus. Small cheap clothes from China just came, just to catch the flowering Acacia tree, very layered pink, like a feather, accidentally dyed cotton dress.

03 Five o’clock in the evening, after school. The city is still in the hustle and bustle, hurry, the girls are colorful youthful, some people are wearing gray dress, cut neat short hair, the perfect interpretation of the OL rule. Small Mo likes to see the outside world from the bus window, has been changing, just as spring footprint.

04 Passed another school, I do not know where the children are concerned about today’s sunny. Small to be turned around to see the footsteps of the sun retreat, but the lingering of the day has been enough happiness. A breeze blowing past, the soft is very soft, small Mo reminiscent of the early to see verse, flowers are spring breeze.

05 It’s not easy to do it yourself, especially for girls. Static as a virgin, moving, such as rabbit off, it is already very elegant evaluation, there is a distance between the goddess and the female man, but the girls are amazing, just as vast as the spring world, if the grasp of their own not thorough enough, come here to find a suitable style of it.


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