Sometimes the feeling cannot say it out

Many things in the world are tentative and tangible, but more cannot be described and difficult to let go of the beautiful feeling. As the fragrance of flowers, filled in the air, fleeing in the fingers cannot capture but also everywhere, take a deep breath, with the even air into the heart and lung, beautiful cheap Korean clothes online but also can not name.

01 Like a cloud of clouds, although unable to control their own, can only follow the wind blowing their own appearance, but they change the charm is endless. The same, the beauty of jacquard really let people have to love, let your beautiful days. I believe jacquard bar, elegant and beautiful.

02 Autumn blowing a cool wind, blowing some people hate someone love. The same autumn is a magic, the mind of the sadness will be it resolved, the hearts of the sad can always be blown away. Like swept the season of flax, spread to the charm of the fall did not diminish. Check the pattern of linen bottom shirt, comfortable national style is full.

03 Playing the skirt is really a bright autumn landscape, live in the moment, the girls dress style is no longer so cautious, strong color tension. People are increasingly biased in the bright colors, highlighting the charm of self. Like this, the red skirt flying, high waist was thin body filling.

04 Indescribable charm lies in, can not find out the law, casually heart, no one is always willing to live a life in the line between the mediocre life, the appropriate break through the yoke pursuit of a free feeling think or excitement It Irregular splicing sweater, want to try it?

05 Knitting generally held in the palm of the warmth, a warm flow from the fingertips gently across, drips quietly years. Color on the eye-catching, authentic color people at first glance feel very comfortable, exquisite pattern display low-key light temperament, with a simple style scarf will be full of vitality.


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