Someone calls you to buy the new clothes

Think about it, everyone is very concerned about their own have not been noticed, life is so, dress is even more so, do not wait until someone calls you know that the new wholesale clothes for yourself.

01 Want to do in the autumn of the lovely woman, no piece of windbreaker which can line ah. Let the girls in the Royal sister, LORI freedom to switch between, fear is only a windbreaker. Classic lapel, fashion type, loose style, wild tire. Give the body a holiday, it is better to use windbreaker to reward themselves.

02 Bat sleeve elegant between the gestures, from the glimpse of the heart is the kind of reserved and charming. When the representative of the temperament bat sleeves, met the simple simplicity of the ultimate stripes, the two will be what kind of sparks, let us wait and see it.

03 If you must use a color to represent the fall, then it must be yellow. Yellow and this season is always kind of invisible tacit understanding, so no matter what kind of yellow wear on the body, will not appear abrupt or deserted. Solid color chiffon shirt for the bottom is just, there are vitality and grace.

04 Cardigan without the beauty of breathtaking, as long as it can be random with all kinds of clothing with a good enough. The basic paragraph of the cardigan is the best choice to deal with changes in the weather, the color of the romantic meet the different age groups of people, if you want to wear new ideas, like this is a scarf is beautiful.

05 A shawl, and hearty, and warm, to know that you are only a short distance to the fall of the shawl. Although not eye-catching, but the upper body effect of the shawl has been stable to stay in their own small world, waiting for more people to explore its beauty. All the troubles of the season, a shawl is enough to solve.


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