Sling: can not resist the slender temptation

What is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to vintage European style? Is the luxury of hand-made, or the extreme waist? I first thought is the elegant shoulder strapless collar, bright red lining of the white skin, exposed clavicle reveals a subtle sexy, retro beauty oncoming.

01 Beautiful blue always gives a good mood, patchwork town houses, colorful butterflies dancing under the blue sky, so a beautiful painting. High waist and puff clothes from China princess princess child, sweet in a fairy gas.

02 Everyone lives in the heart of a little monster, in the printing world, the cartoon pattern is still fashionable. This year the color of the first print is to be overhangs, pink and white with a very low profile but also very lining color, straight version of the model does not pick the body, you want a small fresh is so simple.

03 When is the most tempting woman? When you are not aware of; spaghetti straps why people put it down? Because that is weak and slender, there is another kind of expectation that will not fall down. So, want to be a hundred percent women, several sling is indispensable.

04 When conservative people are still bit “spaghetti straps will not reveal too much” and tangled, considerate she has chosen the favorite style, the open place must not be closed, the place of the cover must Do not open, this degree is so subtle.

05 The more slender, the more women. If you stubbornly do not want to look too weak and weak, then this “ladies” style for you. T-shirt black T-shirt, neat with deserted, all are saying, “I’m not the same with them,” is simply cool!


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