Sleeve’s whisper confession

Sleeve of passionate, probably only in the fall to be able to perfect fusion with it. Sleeveless cuffs are more hidden than sweethearts. Correct tailoring, the perfect outline of the arm slender curves, deliberately blank, but it is infinite reverie.

01 For girls, lift the skirt, full of happy face filled with smile spinning around, this is to wear the favorite wholesale fashion dress favorite to do. Big skirt, so small that vanity has been completely satisfied, cuffs and lace at the waist, the perfect interpretation of the tens of thousands of lace style.

02 If the summer is not a package also said that the past, have come to early autumn, if it is not the last train ride this package, it really too late. The overall beauty of the suit is something that other clothes can not give, with slightly more romantic elements that change in style. Looked at the neckline and skirt daisy flowers across, really envy others.

03 Stroll in a green grass, always can not help but indulge in the vastness of nature, the current autumn wind blows more violent, more aware of the immediate green left. To wear a cardigan season, only to wave goodbye summer. Loose liberal arts cardigan, comfortable and comfortable, placket ribbon decoration makes a difference, is the first choice for autumn and winter literary girls.

04 Too thick jacket still do not like the current season, so quietly hide in the closet refused to come out, but easy-going little cardigan are willing to come out to see the sun. A closer look at the girl around, have begun in the skirt or T-shirt with a thin cardigan, and so the trend of the trend, the pretty girls quickly learn it!

05 The highest rating of a skirt is that it can wear out their own personality. In the depressed season, a sweet dresses can awaken those sleepy cells. Pink color, sweet to the heart, scattered in the cuffs and skirt hit the color ribbon, like the layers of waves have been stirred up, virtually adding a skirt of agility and vitality.


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