Sleeve length does not affect the sense of cool

Do not know since when, vivid characters began to become the new darling of the printing industry. Slim short-sleeved shirt and harem pants combination just listen to know how high-end avant-garde, in no way inferior to the street shooting model’s first line, self-confidence and fashion feel spontaneously, a woman should be so fishes.

01 After this June, another glance at the sighting of a woman who is about to enter the community has stepped into the path from youthful to mature. Naked reality, the first thing to do is to set up a formal dress. Do not think this is unimportant, but this is the first impression left to the first job, absolutely plus points.

02 As for later, in what direction to develop, depends entirely on personal wishes. Of course, more women will choose sexy style, after all, the years are irresistible factors. If you are 20 years old at the age of 30, it would be too violating and feeling so it should be counterproductive if it should not be childish.

03 Days are long and short, depending on the mood, as long as the mood is not a problem, let alone the length of the sleeves. Sleeveless short-sleeved, in fact, the difference is not so big, will not hinder your sense of cool. Summer cool from clothing wholesale, but also depends on our mood.

04 Summer madness “enjoy” song, which you most want to enjoy it? I like the relaxed and comfortable bat sleeve, I do not know how you looked. Europe and the United States print slightly rough with casual, less graceful and more casual personality, it seems more suitable for the fast-paced city, the summer should be so bold.

05 Although it is a one-fifth sleeve, how much impact will it have? Chiffon lightweight texture will not give us much burden. Irregular cut chiffon personality can be magnified, waist design even more staggering, printing passion and plain collide, with the most portable travel dress up.


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