Simple but elegant pure color dress

Pure color wholesale fashion dress is always be the same classic clothing in the closet, simple and neat style by these woman’s favorite, just as the work of their competent and intelligent as impressive. This kind of skirt, piercing simple style is the focus, a little carefully selected accessories and exquisite makeup, you can make enough outstanding.

01 Mercerized cotton fabric is the one of the most comfortable material in the summer, neckline and chest design are very chic, it is a generous section. Slender design in the waist so that the whole body immediately becomes a sexy funnel shape. But woman who pays attention to the clothing should know the thing that in the environment easy to sweat, carefully choose this skirt, very obvious perspiration will make you very embarrassed.

02 Black in the workplace can never be a wrong color choice, but everything has two sides, dignified at the same time will give people feel depressed. So the choice of black skirt you can be a little attention in the style, the off collar to show the clavicle is sexy, chest folds add designed sense, looks lively. Belt is definitely the most eye-catching accessories, highlights a strong sense of modern.

03 Dark blue dress is basically synonymous with elegant woman. Sleeveless models outside take a small cardigan, successfully resist the office air conditioning in the low temperature, wearing a single dress to the party or dinner will be very good, need to emphasize is the selection of accessories, according to the occasion to determine what kind of jewelry is the most suitable for it.

04 Dark green is a special tone, which is picky about the skin’s color, women without quite snow-white skin color please do not take risks to have a try. Small v-neck collar will appear relatively conservative, and it is suitable for older age of workplace ‘s women.

05 White skirt is afraid of the monotonous feeling, so the skirt style itself must have a bright spot for the design. Collar has strong sense of fashion, highlights the strong chic style, is a smart way to choose it.



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