Silky delicate love, wonderful silk for season

From the lotus leaf to the stripes and then to the embroidery, this season so that we are amazing about the fashion elements are too much in the wholesale clothes. Popular elements are naturally very eye-catching, but the clothes themselves, texture, style, practical, this should be the focus of our attention. In fact, when we are in the pursuit of this popular, may wish to choose from the perspective of the fabric for their own clothing, chances are you can find yourself another love.

01 If you want to ask: Which kind of fabric is the most suitable match to spring? It must be the most right to speak of silk. Smooth feel so that silk completely worthy of “fiber queen” this reputation, it is because the silk of this supreme position, so silk clothing compared to other clothing prices are more expensive, but this expensive elegant taste can be worn in their own body, so it is not loss.

02 Shirt for girls, must be considered how to buy do not feel extravagant single product, art, printing, silk, embroidery, each of the same is still not enough fun, no way, the shirt is so chic. Blooming flowers occupy the whole body, spray up the vitality of the people feel the enthusiasm of the spring, the spring , it should be gorgeously blooming.

03 No matter what kind of occasions, having a slim black dress can be chic enough, but in the selection of black dress, or to compare and then decide which black dress is much more suitable for their own. Silk’s little black dress because of its soft feeling, so wear it is also chic and elegant, no matter what jacket with accessories, do not affect the beautiful, is definitely one of the few bright spots in the black skirt.

04 Skirt is not a summer’s patent, even sleeveless dress, on the autumn can also wear it to be chic. Plus a denim jacket or a baseball coat, you can be chic as much as possible. Elegant skirt is not easy to be ignored, matching with a similar color of the belt, both elongated leg lines, but also show the woman’s graceful temperament.

05 A texture of the shirt, both can wear casually or wear every day, you can also wear during the working time. General wear shirts tend to require more, then if you can choose a silk shirt, you can save a lot of trouble with the matching. Gorgeous fabric looks handsome and graceful, no matter what you are going to match, you will be outstanding.


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