Refreshing fresh summer solstice

Without cheap clothes from China naturally not summer, simple T-shirt with denim shorts is really casual and generous, which is the most relaxed and not wrong summer dress up, the chest with the letter plus the printing of both decorative flavor and not Loss of classical, get rid of monotonous.

01 Shirt is also one of the protagonists in summer, elegant and fresh print shirt makes people breezy, temporarily forget the hot, novel V-neck micro-sexy, work or shopping are suitable, the clothes placed in the pants very capable and intellectual, direct Outside becomes free.

02 Light pole to know more beautiful flowers, the ultimate elegance and can not fully display the charm of black and white ash. So have this blooming halo of the classical mood, lotus leaf soft and romantic printed in the foil more and more sincere low-key, the summer dress always let people remember at a glance.

03 No chest is also about a woman’s pain, after all, it is the beginning of the curve, but everything is often the pros and cons, and I always think bra is too proud of the girl is not suitable for interpretation of art Fan children. Lean, direct, more in line with literary Fan children’s appetite, lavender never lost to any color.

04 Cotton and linen dress naturally no requirement for the United States, however, the cheongsam on the curve of the requirements can not be underestimated. So if you really can not develop in this way of literature and art, it is better to wait and see the changes, enjoy the wonderful gesture under the cheongsam bar. Improved cheongsam, lace layer upon layer of really tight, like a water hibiscus demure polite.

05 Without the blue, fresh summer will not be enough heat. Anyone who understands color a little bit knows that blue is the best reward for us in summer. Lace outline out of the stupid posture just like depths of several ripples, inadvertently ups and downs, blooming a bit romantic and elegant.


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