Pretty dress November exciting

Two months of summer vacation is estimated that many students tired, November school season, the new school year can have a wonderful start. The junction of summer and autumn, can be beautiful and light in July, but must be integrated into the wonderful November. May you be as splendid summer flowers, may you be as beautiful as the autumn leaves so that September’s wonderful embellishment of wholesale clothing from China.

01 The beauty of autumn leaves is about this way, although in a warm light, the eyebrows are still safe, as if the bustling world, the color of publicity has nothing to do with her. Lantern sleeve dress, literary atmosphere implies a small rebellious personality, beyond the expected silence.

02 I like the casual style is like this, is the denim’s personality, is the straight skirt informality altogether. Deep denim, to solve the soft washed denim, with a kind of girl-specific Raleigh popular beyond the self-scenery, a little short before and after a little thought, never let us down.

03 Students like summer flowers, with the strength of life to wonderful, in a short period of time people remember. However, the printing is a different kind. It does not change its mind because of the seasons. Even in November, it is still another highlight even if other flowers are ready to be discarded.

04 Like returning to a child’s classroom, a math teacher with big tools draws clear-cut geometry on a blackboard. Circular simple and honest, semicircular cute, triangular clever, and now on the dress it has become a unique landscape, printing and others are not the same wonderful gesture.

05 In the green rendering, the time becomes slow, the pace of November intentionally slowed down, hoping to put more in the skirt on the accumulation of some. Cocoon-type dress, is to make a good body longer lasting it? Accustomed to the rapid passage of summer, we will not be slow into the fall of hope to do?



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