Passing scenery should bear in mind

Bustling, the world is always so big, we are so small, by the flood of time to promote the forward, the landscape around constantly changing, people around are also growing, passing scenery should be remembered, those who accompany One-way people will be the memory of the most beautiful scenery.

01 College style? Or age reduction? Well, if the well-behaved Peter Pan collar does reveal the age-specific characteristics of these styles, the refreshing light blue will directly hold the line of sight in one of the worlds, leaving a small space for the bow to breathe.

02 I heard that you want to hide the summer Italian clothes, will have a different summer.  Summer meaning is not through the sweat is also a lot of meat, wet is also difficult to relieve the generalization of it?

03 It is a sunscreen shirt, not to mention a cardigan. Color, elegance, thin gauze, embroidery and hollow splicing just right, round neck breasted small short section of the style, although the streets can still be very suitable with long wholesale women clothing.

04 At first glance, each other’s mind clear, no entanglement of interests, emotions, stupid, but in each other’s smiling arc of glimpse of a trace of similar breath, the trace of the mood is like the plain line embroidery white spread of the general spread Come on, halo into the beautiful lines.

05 Sunshine, fast, every day is like a replica of the past days, but every day is new, unexpected surprises may occur anytime. Ordinary T-shirt ordinary clothes, but because it is you, so it will be a surprise.


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