Lovely printing on clothes

Butterflies fly over the city, the skyscrapers of the brick and white tiles become colorful, like the dreams that children often do. With this printing to embellishment straight skirt, and will not make people feel naive, but can achieve the effect of fresh and younger age, not to mention the cute collar to join it. Come on, choose your suitable wholesale dresses.

01 This is the butterfly world, more like red and green alternative collision, to avoid the most pure color background, light burgundy and military green in the blank and fill between the various changes. Simple round neck with a more convenient, waist A-shape with single wear can also get a good return rate.

02 Magic little black skirt has a lot of benefits, so every season we can not help but to open a few pieces. European organza of the texture, is the darling of spring and summer, the new listing of natural to see more eyes. There is a butterfly printing to join, a little black dress will not be too lonely, anyway, spring is gorgeously blooming.

03 But then again, do not wait until the spring to come to regret, taking advantage of the winter still continue to come back to a woolen dress it. The most classic pleated figure, the most weary gray and black collision, knee length is not the same with the visual, just open the visual imagination.

04 Advocating simple nature is a kind of smart and open-minded attitude, not affected by those who have disturbed the impact of the fashion index is not kidnapped, do not deliberately limelight, wait and see, get rid of aesthetic fatigue, starting from this step, slowly will find your own style.

05 More and more creative, everyone has their own characteristics and preferences, to create a simple and stylish feeling, the flexibility to enrich their image is not difficult, and then how to change, who did not more than three colors, away from the fancy, while color is fresh and full of cute feeling.


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