Lovely and sweet feeling in the dressing

Summer is always colorful, romantic dreams, princess style elegant skirt is the girl’s heart addiction, once awakened and nowhere to hide, leaving a beautiful mark in the limited youth time, a little exquisite, a little smart, a little brilliant, some Or strong or light feelings, constitute aftertaste of youth.

01 Perspective white gauze set the snow shoulder, lotus leaf warm gentle deportment, light white gauze, embroidered plaid highlights the details of the grade, as if every inch are engraved perfect, the overall outline of the simple atmosphere, pure white holy solemn, princess-like noble Magnificent flawless bloom.

02 Pink graceful silhouetted against the one that shy feminine, pink blue, pink, pink yellow line winding, translucent flowers surrounded the branches and leaves with a soft stretch of the gesture, refined three-dimensional showing the beauty of nature, emitting a fresh and charming atmosphere, butterfly belt , Gauze bud skirt, the girl’s heart properly placed.

03 Sleeveless long skirts to one side quietly comfortable world, showing non-skirts can not explain the elegance, exquisite decoration has led to tall physique, elegant skirt overflow overflowing, so that the lines of legs hidden in hazy phantom, white wholesale clothes are elegant, lace and chiffon seamless integration, to create belong to the light and romantic season.

04 Up and down are graceful combination of layers and have different, light and gentle knit sweater, small and exquisite sweet lantern sleeves, netting change, endless charm, T-shirt and yarn at the same time showing the simple and easy mix and match the beauty, the overall quiet Tranquil, every detail of elaborate cleverly painted oil-like years of light and shadow.

05 Dressed in European root yarn lace skirt is graceful, in the early summer breeze and sunshine, write a glittering fairy tale, knot a love affair, frankly do yourself in real life, hard to love a serious life, as a fairy tale and fairy tales The princess in the difference between a crown.


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