Love this pretty world

Autumn is coming, the leaves fall, thanks to the flowers, geese arranged in a word flew to the south. Childhood textbooks, the autumn is monotonous, although the joy of harvest, but less a little enthusiasm for the flowers. As you grow older, you know that this world of flowers can go beyond what is written in wholesale clothing from China.

01 September is only early autumn, a flower time is still enough. Morning glory full of fence courtyard, like a dew-like facial features such as water. But not as good as the print on the backpack, pen strokes free coloring, the same as the ink painting elegant, to create a different kind of casual style.

02 Some people say that small fresh more suitable for summer, in fact, no more appropriate, only a different mood release. Autumn and early autumn, flowers blossoming, like the spring of the landscape in full bloom in the fall. The season does not flow, but the seasons of the moving but can learn from each other.

03 Running in the sun juvenile, chasing a long time dandelion, accidentally met the dream in the flowering. Little wonder, how the fall so beautiful? Dual-use packets, fresh art, knitwear and peers will certainly add more exciting scenery for knitting.

04 Love this flower world, because every day to meet the fresh color fresh flowers. Yes, the dress is worn on someone else’s body, but such a landscape on the face you really do not feel it? Slightly printed to allow a simple skirt jump out of the traditional meaning of collision color.

05 Following the popular aesthetic may not make you superior, but it will not make you wrong because the simple beauty is the most acceptable. Elegant printing chiffon shirt full of cheerful meaning can make sense, with the best effect feet pants, there is a wonderful office lady’s feeling.

06 Small Floral is full of the moment in the eye, forcing you to remember it at first glance, do not forget do not give up. Ethnic style dress, stand up a radius, is the cheongsam’s wonderful. Blue print elegant and clean, just as the sky through the clouds, lofty and full of imagination.


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