Let the sweater lights up in winter

Open the closet in the morning, suddenly found that inside the closet you have a lot of coat and down jacket, whether it is the basic color, or bright, or with the pattern is not missing, but why cannot find out a suitable sweater to match these nice wholesale women clothes. Intimate author here has carefully selected for you a variety of styles sweater, let’s take a look at it.

01 It’s the fashionable woman’s intellectual elegance, it’s the exquisite woman’s high quality, or professional strong woman’s calm and skillful feeling, which is not important, it is important to fully meet the three gray demand, in addition, there are simple slim version type to show graceful figure.

02 It’s the cold winter makes you like the warm camel, or bleak and lonely let you miss the charm of the retro style, or just like it by yourself. Fashionable v-collar exposed slightly raised clavicle curve, coupled with a necklace, both to be sexy and delicate.

03 Gray has intellectual elegance, camel color is warm and retro, do not want to miss them both, what a good tangled, you know the beauty of you will have this dilemma, so the two contrast color of the sweater has been ready for you, with a solid color coat or down jacket, out of the street you can be so pretty.

04 If the camel color is a touch of warm sunshine in the winter, then orange is a round of the sun. Artistic jacquard pattern is the mystery of personality geometry, or a piece of falling maple leaf, perhaps the inspiration for the pattern has long been forgotten, but the pattern of fashion and national style of the wind was forever remember.

05 Crazy bright color is warm to declare the good life to the world, low-key connotation of the warmth is to prove to their efforts to make life better. Different colors of yarn intertwined, weaving the love of life, weaving every day of pleasure, weaving all the wonderful stage.


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