It is the time to let the knit dress appear

Since entering the autumn, the closet will not be lack of clothing wholesale, the acquisition of a number of sweaters, and the purchase of a number of dresses, you are still feel something missing. The face of sweater seems to be dispensable, dress has been full of water overflowing plight, knitted dress is finally unable to bear the ignorance anymore.

01 Being not too thin, not too thick, anyway, the weather is not early autumn but is not late autumn, just a good degree on it. Gentle and soft gray knitted dress is neatly full of the sense of tingling decorative layer with the design of the delicate buttocks.

02 Knitting is best at the interpretation of the world, which is no disputed, although women want to be a top-notch one among other people, but also have to understand the fact that most of the time the ability to be calm is far more than the grandstanding of the tricks, waist-controlled dress is the best proof.

03 Slightly bright light-colored clothing is often able to purify the mind, without any words, but quietly sitting there, you can feel the charm of it. V-neck collar of the slim dress combines with all the advantages about the summer skirt and autumn knitting.

04 Horizontal stripes are graceful and vertical stripes are chic, dressing in the dress has been controversial, and today, finally there is an answer. The answer is also very simple and rude, and it is related to the style. Uneven stripes, of course, are much more slim than the vertical stripes, especially in the dark color oriented type, which is much more obvious.

05 As we all know, a woman can be super sexy when there are hollow designs, red knitted dress  uses this advantage very well, applying the sexy design extremely nice. Having vaguely about the general perspective of gauze can be full of temptation, coupled with the elegant fishtail of the skirt, you are sure to be a fashionable woman.


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