I heard that we have a holiday

Holidays will add a little more chance to life, do not have to work on time, do not step by step to arrange everything, you can arrange nothing, only quietly feel the time slowly passing around, leisurely afternoon feel a quiet time, safe in the world.

01 To be forever A type of talent, A symbol of courage and perseverance, only unwilling, not easily meet the people to reach the top, only perseverance, keep learning new things people can hold their own top. So, as it has shown, noble white, shining golden, give you a part to support, brave forward.

02 This is the handsome cool girl some appearance, do not love low-key love shine. Large sequins are exquisitely set on the black cotton cloth, set dazzling and comfortable in one. Without too much introduction touted, approached you can feel a gale, strong to be willing to be impressed.

03 Is simply black, how could some people fascinated, black charm lies in having unlimited inclusiveness, and make shine even more shine. At the same time, the interpretation of fashion, stitching is good. And look at the collision of cotton and embroidery, fashion trigger. Slightly Puff Sleeve design and large A-type hem, all for your consideration of body shape, was thin and not bloated.

04 Or wear a casual denim skirt, casual back shoulder bag, put on your favorite flat shoes, to go on a walk that can be very far and near, as long as the heart on the road, what is the distance Relationship, not to mention sometimes in close proximity, the heart has wholesale Korean fashion.

05 Or put on beloved sportswear, to exercise, sweat, and enjoy the sense of achievement and happiness brought by the competition. After all, too boring to work time, a long time inevitably lack of passion, this time to help you exercise, simple but also very effective.



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