How to be pretty in dressing

Autumn and winter season, wholesale dresses are really a test of people’s work. To wear fresh vitality and can not be separated from the autumn and winter environment, to wear warm and thin, not only to wear a coat to harmony and beauty, into the room, then take off the coat how to do? Within the ride is also the focus.

01 The simplest match is shirt collar with sweater, convenient and not easy to make error, it is the best choice for everyday. Bottom of the shirt does not need any complicated pattern, only need a nice collar, petals generally around the neck, how wonderful is it!

02 Retro style is popular today, do the old denim shirt almost one hand. So how can we stand out among the many similar shirts? Cute cartoon printing is a different magic weapon, leather short skirt with the ultimate is a small success!

03 Letter sweater with cartoon is suitable for school students to be lovely, comfortable and nice sweater version is always difficult to let it go, not to a few simple patch, with the irregular scattered in the body, white color is quietly injected into the lively power, simple but not monotonous.

04 Favorite autumn and winter dress, the whole body full of warm wrapped a sense of security. Can not see the quiet growth of meat, but also in the inside to add warm clothing. Go out and add a long coat, even if not button will not feel cold with it.

05 Finally, a wild trousers, do not like to wear pants for the winter, the girl probably only needs it a pair of pants is enough. For girls who like pants, perhaps to store a few? Plus cashmere casual trousers, slim stovepipe warm, you deserve it!


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