How to be closer with fashion?

How to be closer with fashion? The most direct approach is to wear wholesale clothes that make people have the feeling of spring, swept away the winter haze, blowing from the fresh, lively and positive energy.

01 To abandon the traditional blue denim, bright denim jacket and the trend of chic element even more closely connected, and then cleverly into the contrast color and tie elements, like the existing pattern into a stock of fresh blood, not to talk about the old topic.

02 Perhaps you are still chilly and choking and complain about the changing cold weather, plus velvet thick sweater can get rid of the bloated and bulky image, but also against the cold morning and evening, free to turn around, there are surprises, seemingly dull, but actually extraordinary, subtle indirectly produced by the beauty, you can taste for a long time.

03 Do not mistakenly think that the eye-catching rose red can only lock you in the tender and gentle frame inside, combined with the streets of the full version of the type of look, handsome and cool rivets, easy simple rope, is both warm and publicity, but also reflects the pursuit of freedom of mind.

04 Sweater cardigan is the original synonymous with comfort, through the gradient of the interpretation of the more meticulous gentle, first glance, hazy, look down, just feel the flashing light is so bright, beautiful as a rainbow, high-profile to show the beauty of the world.

05 Small short jacket cannot wait to appear, no constraints, as far as possible and free and easy close to the smile is from the heart rather than artificial, since it has not yet come to the flowers of the moment, why not use the printing leaves as the lively colorful decoration.


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