How about wearing in a long holiday?

Is your holiday already arranged well? No matter how sure to go out, then the problem came, how to wear it? Every morning in front of the mirror must be tangled, to a longer holiday to a luxury, but do not delay the time to go out without nice wholesale dresses.

01 Holiday, the first time to think is to go out to play a trip, regardless of the distance away from the total length of the holiday does not bear the name. Do you want to prepare a set of sportswear? Grab the mirror is not enough grid, but when it comes to comfortable comfortable comfortable about nothing less than it, travel Well, mainly to relax themselves.

02 Do not want to stay away from fashion circles? No problem, sportswear is not a vegetarian, people also have their own fashion rules. Sequin stitching cartoon pattern enough cute eye-catching it, two-piece skirt design also do not have to match high heels, a pair of canvas shoes can follow the skirt to go the world.

03 Or else to pieces of denim windbreaker it. Fall to the denim come, but also find an excuse not to choose a denim it? Unique stitching design, with rounded curvature to neutralize the denim detached personality, keep free and easy to add playful, classic color can break the traditional visual effects.

04 Since you want to go out, or obscure yourself Hi their own, or on the first person to become someone else’s scenery. Bright colors must be the best look in autumn shadows, maybe there will be a peach blossom, the holiday in the windbreaker accompanied by the more innocent and more happy.

05 Make a suitable dress for your little boots. This long vacation you will meet a lot of vertical stripes, because they just know how to grasp the opportunity to make their own wonderful romance. Straight skirt is very thin, and black boots complement each other, net yarn splicing is a playful sexy.


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