Give me gentle, also brings you beautiful feeling

No matter how the wind and frost outside the sword, I only wish you to be gentle as ever Through the heavy years, already like the end of the encounter like a sweet love, which is how many girls wish, but some people from the mouth to say, some people buried in the heart: Please give me gentle, I also give you beautiful wholesale fashion dress.

01 The first time I met you, I was still a foolish ignorant girl, happy every day I do not know so. The whole world was pure only the United States clothing food, a beautiful US letter sweater can let me happy for a long time.

02 At that time, probably I have not yet noticed, is the sweater of the soft and warm to attract me, soothe this has not yet significant dew lonely. Especially the bold woven sweater, looks loose, the most suitable in the leisurely afternoon crooked in the dessert shop soft sofa.

03 Will also be in the details of the assiduous, there will be a little perfectionism, but also eager to the Queen as beautiful and noble – perhaps eventually cannot do that, and then do not lower the proud head.

04 What is the best girl? He is, you are weak and no spoiled crying, he is not, you are stronger than anyone else. In front of him, the rules of the world are as much as possible to shelve, out of this door, immediately turned elegant little fragrance sister.

05 Our vision is limited, you see, enjoy it; you cannot see, longing for. Sometimes, those outside the line of sight, often more beautiful place, more temptation and mystery.




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