Fashion goddess in the clothing

Suits can make wholesale fashion dress be much more convenient, with a good dress combination can simply let clothing be beautiful. Pink and white light with the department, bringing fresh and natural temperament, a blossoming three-dimensional flowers dotted in the skirt, and simple cardigan shirt echoed just right.

01 Suits only to better convey a kind of temperament, coat and skirt match with each other, from the color to the selection and then to the details of the decoration, only to highlight the same theme. Sweet feeling is the theme of the clothes, pretty rose red and cute embroidery patch, the achievements of sweet and pleasant little girl.

02 Simple and elegant wide leg pants, can stretch the hip stretch thin leg lines, classic short section of the wool jacket, clean and neat feeling shows unique beauty, fantastic pink to this handsome clothes add some tenderness, put it on the temperament immediately comes out, then you immediately become a fair lady.

03 Who says that pants can not reflect the style of women, the key is whether you choose the right one. Classic British plaid is full of retro taste, fit the body of the tailoring, high waist wide leg design, with a pair of shoes form china, trousers can be elegant and stylish.

04 Mentioning about elegance how can you be missed in the long section of fishtail skirt? Light lotus layer is chic. This little fishtail dress has not touched your heart, thin but warm suede, with a unique texture to conquer more and more women, elegant feeling of it make you have a small fish tail label.

05 If you want to magnify the grace, try to lengthen the length of the fishtail skirt, so that the lower body lines are smooth, slender waist, prominent hip curve, gradually narrow skirt, so smooth line foot can be called works of art.


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