Extreme gold velvet this time makes the unique autumn

Not because of leaves and hay to give the autumn of the definition that autumn is bored. Gentle years will have a lot of amazing time of the perfect encounter. Take the dress up, meet the gold velvet is autumn reward. This kind of cheap clothes from China to the autumn you can never miss it.

01 Do not have to look at the fabric of what is unique, we are just ordinary people, in the visual and tactical enjoyment is enough. Soft texture of the shiny elegance, slim tailoring but no curve can be perfect, lotus leaf shape of the V-neck to the scene full of temptation to taste.

02 When the retro to become an instinct, the Chinese style has a lot of logical reasons to do their own everything. Only the collar and the buckle is full of style. Short jacket of the excellent waist and long skirt swing superimposed romantic beauty, so that the fall like a romantic water.

03 Speaking of Chinese style cheongsam is absolutely can not be ignored. Thinking of the elegant lady wearing a cheongsam of the various enchanting and romantic feeling, for the temperament of the imagination had to be impressed. Gold velvet with embroidery, navy blue elegance makes age to become an advantage, all kinds of customs are also arrived.

04 Cheongsam is good, but it is difficult to control them, as dress is more approachable. But you do not think that casually a dress can meet the gold velvet adventure. The color of the picky, the achievements of the unique charm of the material, wine red and splicing embroidery, to create a perfect woman’s encounter.

05 When the style of return to the rustic, not because of embroidery or splicing is not enough to be chic, but because the color is too picky, it does not need more embellishment. Than the safflower more deep color, temperament is more calm, less so enchanting taste, a little more atmosphere dignified texture.


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