Eight elements indispensable in clothing to be chic

In such a beautiful season, since go out to play, must take a lot of photos, and then pick a few beautiful photos sent to a circle of friends to show your lovely life, then how can we make photos be much more beautiful? The answer is very simple, wholesale fashion dress is very important, eight elements are necessary.

Element one: hit color

There are people in the picture, the scenery is beautiful, people should be more beautiful, how in the natural beauty of a glance you can see you have to solve the problem. Large area of yellow and blue hit color splicing, bringing super visual impact, eye suction effect is absolutely hundred percent, finding you is so easy!

Element two: stripes

Striped by the fashion of people’s attention and sought after, the stripes put on the body, you will become the focus of attention. Elegant and thin striped loose shirt, giving a simple and free from the restraint of freedom, and the surrounding natural beauty to convey the same idea, higher harmony.

Element three: tassel

Although the daily is very short, but in the photo to experience a feeling when the goddess is not bad. A long white dress is romantic and elegant, swaying tassel decoration, so quietly standing you have a seemingly immobile, but also has the smart magic beauty.

Element four: hollow

Hollow is an art, need to grasp a degree. Slightly hollow, in the walk, in the bow, in the turn, inadvertently reveal a touch of white skin, showing a bit of feminine, even with casual white jeans, but also can not block the hollow want to pass beautiful feeling.

Element five: printing

Printing flower of the trend to bring you the beauty of spring. Brilliant color of the printing, so that the whole person in a moment filled with the vitality of the spring atmosphere, high waist skirt, not only being beautiful, but also adjust the proportion of the body, to create models of long legs.

Element six: lace

How can romance not be accompanied by romantic lace? Complicated traces cleverly outline the shape of flowers, embellished in the elegant printed jacket, the romantic side of the romantic display of the most vividly, far from looking, you are like a beautiful flower fairy.

Element seven: dots

Green polka dots decorated in the navy blue short baseball shirt, to the original dull and boring clothes to bring a sense of fashion and vitality, and then with a green half skirt, definitely for the outing specially prepared, how can the photo be not beautiful?

Element eight: embroidery

The most traditional Chinese embroidery will make you shine when taking pictures. White shirt is like a clean canvas, embroidery is a carefully painted pattern. Selected colors, although not brilliant, but it shows the Chinese painting elegant, delicate and unique.


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