Early autumn styling line beauty

Clothing wholesale colors often give the most visual visual effects, such as red passion, blue melancholy. The line of clothing is the soul of the design where, imperceptibly to play to modify the body and enhance the effect of temperament. What are the most fashionable lines in the design of this season, and which contours are most suitable for you?

01 High waist A line is undoubtedly the most suitable for the crowd, whether you are apple-shaped, lean-type or Chinese women who are more common pear-shaped body, can be modified into a tall, slender and bumpy appearance, simply better than advertising The weight-loss products are still amazing. Knee length skirt and early autumn atmosphere is very coordinated, coupled with the British checkered shirt collar, simple atmosphere does not lose the international big brand.

02 Although the slogan of weight loss on the Internet one after another, but in reality in the streets a look, a very seductive little sister or a lot. Slim lines for the more slender woman is a icing on the cake, exquisite lace and easy to walk styling wholesale sexy lingerie to create noble texture, even if only used as a base coat with seasonal jacket must not be taken lightly.

03 Different from the traditional design blindly cover the original body defects, the pursuit of the designer will be the natural female body contour and line design integration, so that everyone wear it, can make the dress in the body naturally drape the formation of lines full of personalized artistic sense. “Sounds great .”

04 When the working style of the neat and neat and feminine gentle and soft combination of neutral design and the original may not so prominent femininity lining was more obvious, adding a handsome while also contrasting the facial features of the delicate and charming , such a line to wear on the body, then picky people are also hard to find flaws.

05 Smooth and supple lines at a glance will know that wear will be very comfortable, so relaxed and comfortable style is very suitable to create a slightly lazy meaning early autumn style. The stitching of different fabrics will be smaller size one, but also highlight the unique fashion vision.


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